gay porn on demand

Rented my very first Video-on-Demand last night, thanks to my new Digital Cable service. And, being Vikki, you had to know that the first flick I’d rent would be gay male porn!

Actually, I had concerns. Most porn I’ve seen on Canadian channels (in hotels and such) are generally crap. Filled with playbacks, all the good close-ups taken out (come on, you know that’s why you watch ’em), the same bobbing head or thrusting hip shown twenty-five times in the same scene, moans and groans dubbed over the edited version that never really matches the action. So there was a chance. I dreaded running into the same hotel here. But what the hell.

It wasn’t bad. Called Carnal Intentions, it was like a cheesy remake of Cruel Intentions, which I understand from my film buff friends was actually a cheesy remake itself. But I’ll never get used to the idea of the Sebastian character wearing braces. Give me a break. Plus, don’t they make it awfully difficult to give a blowjob? I never had braces… what do I know?

As with all my other gay porn experiences, it was a wonderful revelation. Honest arousal, honest orgasm, masturbation and mutual masturbation and really, some wonderful mind-blowing fodder for a horny little girl like me.
And I finally figured out what the scenes with actual speech – the ones that are supposed to drive the “plot” – are for. They’re to let you get up and grab a drink or a smoke before the next intensely arousing scene begins… [grin]