on erotica – part two

So as I was saying (yeah, I know – you guys thought I forgot all about it, right? no such luck), I think romance writers create the best erotica.

Oh, man, I can feel the eyes rolling from here.

First of all, if you’ve never read several romance books (and I mean read them, cover to cover, several different authors and types) then you don’t know Jack, and please hold your comments to the end of the lecture. Thank you. 🙂

Here’s my problem with a lot of modern erotica. Not enough character. Not enough sizzle between the two characters. Not enough pacing – here’s what she looks like (36-24-36), here’s what he looks like (6 pack, dreamy eyes), oh my god his cock her pussy pump pump pump. Kind of like het vid porn. Yawn.

On the other side of the scale…

My all time favourite romance book author is Elizabeth Lowell. From her, I learned probably 70% of what I put into my own stories. Or more, maybe. I discovered her when I was a teenager (at the time, she wrote for Silhouette Desire, the steamier imprint of Silhouette and Harlequin). She was incredibly prolilfic (and still is, though she’s gone mainstream fiction) with dozens of books. Took me most of a lifetime, but I own most of her older books now.

Her love scenes would last a full chapter sometimes, maybe more. But even before that, she had this incredible way of building the sexual and emotional tension between the two characters that would have you ready to scream before they even started getting close to the nasty.

Elizabeth Lowell was, in fact, a consummate artist of the tease (as with many other romance authors). To see what I mean, read this excerpt from one of my favourite Lowell books – Love Song for A Raven. Even today, reading it makes me so hot I just feel like tripping and beating Raven to the floor.

Go on. Read it. Really. Does it change your mind at all about romance books?

As a rule, I find romance authors excel at building tension between a man and a woman (pacing). They also know how to (because they’ve had to) write about sex without having to use four-letter words every single time.

(If you read my stories, you’ll notice I follow the same convention until the action gets very hot and heavy.)

And, sure, okay, I also like books like Lowell’s because the men are hard and unapologetically so, the women are independent and feisty but also just a wee bit submissive, and because I’m a sap at heart who somehow still believes after all the crap life’s thrown me that happily ever after can exist. For at least ten full minutes.

But I digress.

The true power, though, is when romance authors like Emma Holly make the leap to erotica as she did with books like Menage, The Top of Her Game and Velvet Glove. Because then we get the best of both worlds – like a goddess unleashed, she releases her kinkier side while still applying the delicious tension that she uses in her romances.

If you want to learn how to write erotica, I think you could definitely benefit from learning a little from romance authors.

Along these lines, Emma Holly has a great workshop on her site about Steaming Up Your Love Scenes. Ray Girvan also has a nice guide to erotic fiction, with lots of outside references.

If I’ve piqued your interest about Elizabeth Lowell, here are the books I most recommend (many of them have ben re-released lately):

Too Hot to Handle
Fire and Rain
Granite Man

Read the last three in order, if you’re going to read them… they’re part of a series.

What’s my point?

Oh, yes – you could learn a lot from a good old-fashioned bodice ripper, if writing erotica (or even reading it) is your thang. Go ahead, put the eye rolls aside, give ’em a try.

the feedback loop

You know, I love it when a comment gets me going enough that it inspires a whole new diary entry. Such as the case in my last post about blowjobs, where Symph asked:

I was wondering what your reaction would be if he just lay there, not reacting at all (cock stays stiff). And if you asked him whether he was enjoying it, he said “yes, very nice”.

Well, I have to be honest. It’s tough. I mean – don’t get me wrong – sucking cock is wonderful regardless of the fireworks that may or may not ensue. The act itself turns me on, regardless of my partner’s reactions. Well, unless he’s trying to run away. 😉

It’s tough at first, though, with a new lover, if he’s a quiet one who doesn’t move around a lot. It’s tough to know what’s working, what isn’t (particularly when these same men invariably seem to say “it’s all good, no really!”).

Feedback is a wonderful thing, I think, regardless of your gender – it’s good reinforcement, but also helps you to learn your partner’s body and what pleases them most. It’s not the only way to do it, but it is one of the easier ones – particularly if you’re not as comfortable discussing the details of sex outside of the bedroom. Or elevator. Or men’s washroom. But I digress.

Not everyone is comfortable with it. And some people even find it distracting when they’re trying to concentrate on the good feelings. But most people if they practice it a few times will learn a few sounds that work for them – a gasp, a mumble, a whispered word – and it makes everyone’s time that much more enjoyable. In my opinion.

But you were asking about my reaction. *laughs* My first reaction, in all honesty, would be to try harder (and wouldn’t you just expect, then, that all my future lovers who stumble on this damn blog will stay shut just to make me pull out all the stops the first try?). Just to see if, you know, I could get them to make a sound. 🙂 But eventually I’d relax, and learn to read body language – the flush of his skin, the color of his cock, the tightness and position of his balls, whether or not his ass is clenching, and how that matches to my actions.

It might take a few tries (and darn, you all know how much I hate practicing) but eventually you can read body language almost as well. It’s not quite as fulfilling as hearing your partner moan or feeling him writhe under your mouth, but it’s close.

And unlike what they’ve always told you, close does count for more than horseshoes.

blowjobs are good for the soul

I love it when hoaxes, like the one about blowjobs reducing the risk of breast cancer, make the rounds. Mainly because I’m an Internet geek, and I love the dynamics of a very powerful meme.

But let’s be honest here. I’m not a fan of sucking cock because it might reduce my risk of breast cancer. In fact, if I were a fan of reducing risk, I’d give head with a condom on just like all the “safety first!” brochures tell you to do.

I love giving head because it feels good. It smells incredible. It tastes better than anything else on the planet. And it tweaks every pleasure centre in my brain to hear and feel my partner writhing and moaning in ecstasy because of what my mouth is doing to him.

It’s the strongest aphrodisiac I know. Just that wonderful musky scent alone is enough to make me moan. Couple that with the velvet steel of an erection between my lips, and Vikki’s a deeply happy girl.

I have no idea what “talent” is. I have no idea if I’m good or not at the task. But I love it. I could be down there for hours, pleasuring him in every way imaginable. There’s a rhythm and a rightness to it, a sexy moaning wet flickering depth that few other sexual acts provide.

It’s what I dream about. It’s the first thing on my list to do when I finally break out of celibate mode and move back into the land of the dating.

Giving head is good for the soul. Who cares if it’s good for my breasts?


The deliciously fascinating Rentboy (quite rightly) quoted:

Women can sniff lies, condescension and arrogance a mile off. As he so charmingly put it: “Nothin’ dries up a pussy faster than a bozo who think he’s God’s gift to it.”

I find his blog interesting reading. I hope he keeps it up (so many blogs go great guns for a month or two and then fade like cheap upholstery).

How to give the perfect handjob. Oh, of all the things I’ve missed out on lately, this is definitely in the top five. Yummy hot male flesh between my fingers.

Bacchus kindly offers up another yummy goodie in the form of tied up candle-assed goodness, and how can that be wrong? (And as an aside, you know you’ve made a friend when he posts a picture of two gay boys on his pretty-much-hetero blog for you. You’re the best!)

And is it just me, or does the comp-gen Fleshbot girl look strikingly like Veruca from Buffy season 4?

naked twister

So everyone’s been talking so much about Fleshbot, I decided to run through and take a look at what they have on offer. Pretty good blog. I particularly love the fact that they cover gay porn, too. Anyway, digging through their archives, I found a link so intriguing I had to click.

See, Bacchus had linked a while back to some naked twister. Sure, all good healthy fun, but not much eye candy for we straight girls to enjoy.

But lo and behold, Fleshbot delivered me straight into the arms of a whole new kind of naked twister! So many yummy possibilities, really. How lovely.


The site, Dean and Lucca have a video that almost melted my screen (and that was just the preview). God god god., Straight College Men, is awesome. I’ve been looking around for the better part of an hour, and oh yum. It’s a pay site, but they have lots of goodies to look at for free, and video clips to make you seriously consider whipping out your credit card. The owner of the site finds nice, straight college boys and puts them in situations where the more they’re willing to do with another guy, the more money they make.

See, this is the kind of “gay porn” women really get all juiced up about – two straight guys who are willing to bend the rules just this once and fool around with another guy. Their awkwardness is what makes it so hot – and when they get hard, despite themselves – oh, happy day.

I’m so horny now I could run out into the street and hump a lamp post!

on erotica – part one

You know, a lot of people say that erotica and porn are all pretty much the same thing. And depending on the shape and size of their ruler, it could be they’re right, but I tend to disagree.

Ray Gordon, for those of you who know him, writes porn. In my opinion. His character development is nil, his plots are thin on purpose – it’s like reading the written equivalent of most mainstream het porn. The boys are always randy and so are the girls, and everyone just gets down to the nastiest sex imaginable with very little foreplay much less conversation. And reality takes a dump here; like the action movie star whose gun magically sprays out hundreds of bullets without needing to change the clip, his male and female characters alike are capable of hundreds of orgasms a day with different partners without needing to clean up the sticky mess or recharge the batteries.

Heh. Okay, rant over.

On the other end of the spectrum we have erotic short story collections. Gay anthologies tend to race out of the gate much like Ray Gordon’s books do, above. Het anthologies, however, tend to feel like trying to read fiction by a Canadian author – painful, and more about the literary splendour of the short story rather than good old fashioned sex. Edgy. But not necessarily sexy.

Somewhere in the middle we have online stories found at places like Literotica, ASSTR, BDSM Library. Many different styles here, but most fall closer to Ray Gordon’s style than that of the erotica story collections.

We also have short stories at places like Clean Sheets and Nerve which swing back towards the latter.

Honestly, this is why I read Black Lace books. It’s a nice middle road to take. There’s good old sex and plenty of it without the edgy literary quality of “good” (I use that moniker lightly) erotica but with enough plot and character development that I don’t feel like my intelligence is being insulted. 🙂

Sadly, to digress for a moment here, it’s starting to get very difficult to find the damn books, as a lot of retailers and secondhand shops are getting rid of their erotica sections. Grr. Thank goodness for online shopping!

In part two: why romance writers (or readers) write the best erotica…

a little more depth than usual

I haven’t felt very sexy lately. Working two jobs is becoming a burden, and with almost a year to go (if all goes well) before I can quit job #1 and do job #2 full time, it’s beginning to stretch me to my limits. My personal communiques with friends and acquaintances has dropped an alarming amount.

What I wouldn’t give for a hand on my head, smoothing my hair, telling me that I’ve been holding up incredibly well, accomplished so much (which I have) and that the worst will be over soon. Somehow it doesn’t mean as much when you say it to yourself.

I am also discovering a small subbie streak in me I didn’t really know I had. Oh, sure, sexually, yeah, but only recently have I begun to realize how much having a strong, dominant partner is something my emotions need as well.

Two recent posts I’ve read online have really resonated with me lately, on this topic. First, from the Dirty Whore:

As I was writing, with tears pouring down my face, I thought of my Master. What I need is the type of love he shows me. Maybe it’s a father figure issue, but I bloom when I am loved by someone who accepts me as I am, praises me, encourages me to improve, and punishes me when I am bad. Someone who kisses my forehead and tells me I’m a good girl every now and then. Someone who is proud of my achievements. I am motivated to be my best for that person, to reach higher and dream larger.

And from the Collar Purple:

Then she dropped the bombshell: I, as the Dom, can set up the situation where I win either way. If she had removed her bra, despite embarrassment, I win. If she did not, and got swatted for her disobedience, I win that way as well.

Yeah, this sounds obvious, but it’s an important point. Subs want their Doms to be masterful. They want him to be in charge. But for this to happen, for that trust to be granted, they have to believe that he is better able to take care of them than they can take care of themselves. So he has to be bigger, stronger, smarter, wiser, etc.

So by arranging things so that I always win, no matter what happens, Invidia gets that warm feeling of knowing that I’m in charge and on top of things. Of course, there’s the fringe benefit that I get what I want as well! The basic point is that, on some level, every sub wants her Dom to win every conflict with her. That way she knows that he’s someone in whom she can place her trust. That way, we both win.


Who the hell wants a nineties guy when they could have this?

why i love mark

Mark Morford, of course, my all-time favourite non-porn writer (though he does occasionally write for Nerve) – and have I mentioned how much I want to marry him? – has disgorged a wonderful rant on the GOP’s latest attempt to get everyone in the missionary position once a year whether they need it or not. Protection from Pornography Week (not to be confused with Marriage Protection Week, which he sounded off about a few weeks ago) is a wonderful steaming rant about the ridiculousness:

After all, porn ruins families. And communities. And children. And puppies. And the upholstery. This is the government line. This is what they would like you to believe. This is why they invented Protection from Pornography Week. Because you need to know They Care. They are on guard. Because you, as always, are under attack.

Here is the message: Despite how porn is a multibillion-dollar, record-breaking, insanely popular, widely accepted, gigglingly discussed, generally harmless, often exceedingly sexy and fun and unstoppable force of skin and fake orgasm and cheesy background music and money shots and thrust thrust thrust, it doesn’t really matter. It is pure evil, they say. And it’s coming for your children.

Unless, you know, it’s not. Unless porn remains merely that beloved slippery devil so reviled by every sanctimonious group in modern history, that final frontier of bogus moralism and excessive alarmism and puffed-chest indignation and oh my God who pray who will save the children.

I love this man. He gives me such hope that the world will not go to hell in a GOP-endorsed, deeply repressed and joyless handbasket.

on making assumptions

Vanilla Sex Goddess has summed up some thinking I’ve been doing quite nicely (saving me from having to actually come up with the words myself – bless her):

The reality of the matter is his expectations are clear on what he thinks will happen. And while can’t say I wouldn’t want to have sex with him, I like to think that it is my choice, and that when a guy takes me out, he is going to try to impress me and woo me a bit. If I suspect a man, who I have not been in a relationship with, assumes that I’m going to have sex with him, I am turned off and insulted. (Which may not be reasonable, but that’s how I feel.)

Yes. I agree. Perhaps that makes me unreasonable, too. 🙂

I’m not against the casual fuck, really I’m not (though it’s not for me, not right now anyway), but unless I’ve stated in clear terms that I plan on doing so, it would be so nice to be talked to, kissed a little maybe, without any expectations that I’m going to trip them and beat them to the floor.

In other news, I finally finished the About page – if you’re not already deathly sick of Vikki already, you can learn more there. And a big thank-you to everyone who wrote in and gave me some ideas for the page. I hope I’ve answered most of your questions.

And finally, a note about Halloween. I did it. Yes, I actually splurged at Northbound and picked up a leather corset, leather cap, silver slave collar (ok, that one was just for me – grin) and yummy leather riding crop. Too much fun. More on that later.

For now, I’m off to play with some toys. Cheers.