npm. oh yeah. I’m all over it

Sometimes boys can be very silly little creatures, whining about having to look at dick on a sex blog. At least, that’s what’s been happening recently on ErosBlog when our beloved Bacchus (equal opportunity perv that he is) posted a lovely upkilt photo of a very nice Scottish cock. Not one to be bullied into a dick-free environment, he’s proclaimed June to be National Penis Month, and I for one am ecstatic. Because sure, pretty girls, fun sex stories, but really, is there a girl out there who doesn’t love looking at veiny, hard, tasty (I’m digressing here… and drooling to boot) cock?

Not this girl, that’s for sure!

So in honor of the occasion, I share this link (I posted this here last year, actually):

One of my fave cock photos ever, of two cocks chained together by a lovely little bondage device.

3 thoughts on “npm. oh yeah. I’m all over it”

  1. Mmmmmm. Thanks for all your, er, hard work to find these lovelies!
    Lucky me, my current guy is about same size as the guy in your “And oh my god, this is huge” link …

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