You know, I’ve been keeping a sex blog for – what – 4 years now? And it never ceases to amaze me the number of come-ons I get in my inbox every week. That’s not bragging, folks, just for the record; it truly is flabbergasted disbelief.

I’ve been approached (via email) by couples, single men, married men, transvestites, subbie boys, dominant men, even a couple of women. I’ve been offered coffee, dinner, spankings, fingerings, a few of you have even offered cunnilingus to help me get over my squicks. (Now, if some of you had offered a new condo or a set of wheels or, hell, even some Godiva chocolate… oh, relax, I’m only kidding! Mostly…)

And strangely, while I have no trouble fending off interested requests on online personals, I get oddly quiet and hesitant to respond when people approach me through this blog. I’ve made exceptions over the years, of course, but those are rare.

I guess the thing is that it would never occur to me to approach someone based on what I read in their blog, sex blog or no. Is it a guy thing? I don’t know. I’m sure they’re thinking: nothing ventured, nothing gained, and they’re quite right… it just feels strange to me.

If we could suspend disease, personal taste and my own inner morality for just one day, I’d call each and every one of you up, tell you to meet me at a hotel room in my city and we could fuck, suck and get all sweaty, all together in one big pile like randy puppies, until we were each too exhausted to lick our lips. Honest.

But until then, no matter how wonderfully written or sweetly intentioned, I’m just not likely to respond to your proposition, suggestion, or offer when I don’t even know you. I’m sure there are some – perhaps even many – who meet their someone of the moment or someone special via their blog. I’m just not ever going to be that person.

Right now, there’s one other reason I’m not going to be able to respond to your propositions. I know I said I wasn’t going to mention current beaus on here any more, because we all remember what happened the last time… Vikki ended up taking a several month hiatus from blogging rather than face the music online. I’m such a sexy little coward. 😉

However, it probably does bear mentioning that I have been dating someone for several months, and yes, it does seem rather serious. No, I’m not going to talk about him here but yes, I am very happy, and well spanked. *laughs*

But thank you all the same for the well-intentioned propositions!

damn, that’s sexy

Was running through my blogroll today, catching up on what everyone has to say. And spanking, it would seem, is the theme du jour. Or is it just that I read a lot of sites about this?

At Spanking Blog, Bethie talks about her birthday spanking (leaving me unbearably jealous – do you all realize I’ve never had an actual *birthday* spanking?) and the discovery of the wonderful sensuality of the flogger. Mmm, floggers. My favourite.

The Boss at Collar Purple mentioned on the 9th (and oh, how I wish this site had permalinks to entries) that often when a subbie needs a spanking most is when they’re least capable of realizing and asking for it – when they’re feeling pouty and headstrong and generally not all that subbie. Hmm. Pains me to agree with this, but I do have to admit I’m a much changed girl after a good spanking. Centered, somehow. Freed.

And sexiest of all, Neko over at Letters to An Angel (recently redesigned and yummier than ever) talks about why he spanks his angel, and it’s one heck of a toe-curling explanation. Talk about getting a girl all worked up!

Damn. Sitting here at 11pm all by your lonesome and sick with a cold is one heck of a lousy time to realize all you’d really like is a good spanking followed up by some nasty wet hot sex.