products: the Body Bare shaving system

It didn’t take long after my first shave to figure out that I loved being completely bare between the thighs. It felt sexy and soft and a little naughty, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

The biggest problem, of course, was how to maintain this slip-slidey feeling all the time. Waxing is currently out for me – I tried a home waxing kit and OH MY GOD the pain. And while I’m a slut, I can’t quite work my way up to spreading it all for a complete stranger, professional though they may be.

So. This left limited options. Shaving every day (or even a couple of times a week), even with the grain, was a solution for a while but it was not exactly what we’d call a long-term solution.
What to do? I had seen an electric shaver system at the Everything to Do With Sex Show this year called Body Bare. When we’d spoken to the lady at the booth, she’d sworn by it, said it was wonderful, and no pulled hair pain. Close as a baby’s bottom. I thought perhaps I’d give it a try.

The little Feminine hair remover looks like an electric toothbrush only with little teeth instead of bristles. This is what you use to trim down to the short hairs, particularly if you’ve been growing a while. This one WILL bite if you use it improperly or hold it too close to the skin, so be cautious. But it does its job well – getting you nice and short before using the razor. (It’s also excellent for trimming your male partner – much less scary than scissors.)

But the Body Bare itself was the most exciting part. Its blades are covered completely by a foil, so there is literally 0% chance of you cutting yourself. The shaver holds a charge long enough for 2-3 long shaving sessions (I’m picky and take a long time) before needing a plug-in.

But let’s talk about the closeness. I’d become convinced that nothing would get me as close as a razor or maybe a wax. But this baby does the job. Silky smooth skin, no stubble, NO red bumps or sore skin. I can have a super-close shave as often as I want without irritation.

Oh my God, I sound like an infomercial.

It’s just that: well, let’s face it. Products in this industry don’t always have the best reputation for doing what they say they’re going to do. So I have to admit I didn’t have high hopes.

Instead, the thing has become my best friend and the first thing I pack when I’m going away. Seriously. My biggest fear is that the thing will some day cease to work and I’ll find out that this company doesn’t make them anymore when that happens.

To the degree that I’ve actually considered buying another one, or two, to keep as spares in the event that I kill this one.

So — yes, I highly recommend it. Ahem. As does my partner. 😉

If you want to buy this shaver, here’s the link to do it.

from ye olde mailbag

I know. Two posts in a month. Y’all might faint. 🙂

Dana writes:

I was just wondering if you could tell me exactly how you got into BDSM? I mean, was it something that just happened? A partner who was interested and sparked your interest? You had always been interested and were lucky enough to have a receptive lover? You actively searched for a dominant man?

When I first read this I thought: surely I covered this somewhere before, in the archives. Such a turning-point story in my life! But a quick peek through didn’t turn up much of anything, so here goes.

My first real mental exposure to the concept of BDSM was from a man one or two might remember from the archives — the Muse. He would joke around about it from time to time, and I would nod and laugh as though I understood. Secretly, I was half terrified, half curious. I had more preconceptions than you could possibly imagine.

And so like all good scholarly sluts, I hit the books and started reading. I read several books, more online sources, more IRC chats and erotic novels than I care to count, and slowly began to realize that BDSM was something that was very powerful to me; it was something with which I identified strongly, something that spoke to me and I responded to, even though I’d never been exposed to it before.

And even more of a mindfuck: I didn’t identify as Domme. It was the submission, the being dominated, the letting go of all the things I hold most tightly, that fired every single sparkplug in my brain.

The books and articles helped me to dissect the mental and emotional aspects of submission – what it did for me, why I liked it – and reading pounds of erotica helped me to discern exactly what things turned me on, and what didn’t. The IRC chats in a few well known channels let me ask the questions I needed to ask and couldn’t find answers to. The circle went on and on for some time – learning something sexual, investigating what that meant emotionally, and vice versa.

Even scholars have to put the books down some time, however. And since I had absolutely no other idea how to find someone else into BDSM, I went on LavaLife. Got contacted by someone who identified as a Dom, and the conversation began.

This is where my learning really ramped up. We chatted via email, chat, and phone for several weeks. He was incredibly patient with me. He encouraged me to ask questions, to explore, to learn. And I began to understand in a more solid way what this lifestyle was about.

I was so turned on I could barely stand it. 🙂 And feeling, so much, like I’d finally found the answer to a question I didn’t even know I had.

Eventually, we agreed to meet. I was so nervous I was ready to jump out of my skin, and I’m sure I looked like Bambi in headlights. But in another way, all those nerves… well, that was part of it. Part of the throb. Part of the mindfuck. And I’m sure he knew it, and worked it to its best advantage.
On our second date, I finally played for the first time, and it was a revelation. You can read about that first experience here.

So to answer your question, Dana… yes, to several of your questions. A man I was attracted to first got me curious about it (though we never played), I learned on my own first (in my opinion, a crucial first step for a lot of people), and then I went out and searched for a Dominant man to show me the ropes.

Hope that helps!

what the hell was that?

Something happened the other night that has me mystified. I was being stimulated, close to orgasm, built up and up and then finally I was there, I was having an orgasm but it didn’t feel like relief, it felt like there was more and things kept happening and it built again as I nearly screamed my damned lungs out and ten to fifteen seconds later it built even higher and I think every bone in my body broke (for a moment, at least) as I came, incredibly hard, bucking and just blown away by the force and the pleasure.

[Those of you who’ve been reading me for years know that I’ve traditionally been a once-a-night-if-I’m-lucky girl, only very rarely capable of having more than that, and even then it’s never guaranteed.]

So my first thoughts were: What the hell? Was that a multiple orgasm or… what the hell WAS that?

Being the scholarly little slut that I am, I hit the books in my reference library as well as Google to find out exactly what a multiple orgasm is. And according to what I’ve been reading so far what I had last night does not qualify; most descriptions of MO mention the ability to have three, four, five orgasms in a night… with a brief refractory period after each.

That definitely doesn’t sound like what I experienced – there was a long enough gap for me to recognize the two separate peaks but there’s no way I went through four stages in ten or fifteen seconds.

Some sites have made reference to extended or expanded orgasm, which sounds like a closer candidate – except generally these refer to one looooong orgasm, (that link above describes orgasms that can last up to twenty minutes – good lord, I’d be dead) and what I felt really did feel like two, just without a break in between, sort of.

Like sneezes, they’re hard to explain. 🙂

I will say that it was extraordinary, it reduced me to giggling tears afterwards, and I think I actually lost my voice for a few moments. My poor neighbours. *laughs*

I continue to research, including, with any luck, more hands-on experiments, if you’ll pardon the pun. I’ll keep you all updated!