orgasm classification

According to my man, who has done intensive study on the subject, I apparently have three types of orgasm. I laughed out loud when he said it – that many types, really? – but once he explained it to me, I couldn’t help but agree.

Please note the naming is his, not mine! 🙂

Angel wings – Quick, intense, brief. These are the surprise orgasms, the ones he doesn’t see coming… they’re just suddenly there, and just as suddenly over. Extra bonus points if these happen on a night when we both need to get to sleep!

OHMYGODs – These are the long rollercoastery orgasms he seems to love the best. He described it that my body tries to climb into the mattress and he just tries to hold on for the ride, keeping up stimulation for as long as I need it. He knows when I’m done, because I jerk away or slap his hands/mouth away, usually near screaming from the intensity.

Gentle earthquakes – these can take just as long to accomplish as OHMYGODs but they’re more like a brook bubbling over. They’re quiet, with no clear peaks but instead just a rising tide that crests and falls.

I asked him if he ever tries for a certain kind and he said no, there’s no way to tell. It’s kind of like Russian roulette but with a more favorable outcome – or like a box of chocolates, just like Forrest says. You never know what you’re gonna get. 😉