the first time I used a flogger

I have always loved my flogger. Purchased years ago from quality leather retailer Northbound, it has a lovely solid feeling braided leather shaft and long strands of suede-backed leather. I bought it myself, as I bought so many of our sex toys, because I wanted the toys to only be used on me, to stay with me if I got a new partner. But also it was because they were lovely and well made and it turned me on to touch them, to own them.

It’s moments like that when I think back through my reasoning that I wonder if I was just a domme all along. What sub buys their own paddles and floggers and cuffs? Moreover, what Dom agrees to use someone else’s toys? Was I fooling myself all this time?

It was about two months ago that, for the first time in the eight years since I bought it, I used the flogger on someone else for the first time.

I was a little scared. Not that I’d hurt my Darling, because the flogger is lovely and thuddy but really shouldn’t hurt as long as I was light about it. But I didn’t know how to swing it. And I never believed I had very good aim, either – I had visions of Rose from Titanic aiming the ax once and then trying to line up for the exact same shot, and missing by a mile.

When it came time to swing, I messed up the first few shots, landing imperfectly. then I caught a rhythm. And so did my Darling.

Learning about Vikki moment #1: I loved it. It was deeply satisfying physically to swing the flogger. Deeply satisfying to land it on a sweet pair of ass cheeks. To feel the swish. To hear the thud. To watch my lover push his ass up for more.

When I was done, my pussy was soaked.

Every time I’ve swung it since that first scene, it’s been more deeply satisfying than before. More arousing. I will talk soon about this odd cock reflex I’m developing – it defintely triggers that. Makes me want to try a scene where I can really gorge myself – half an hour or more of nice deep thuddy flogging.

Plus, cardio. How could that hurt?

fast forward

Man (Dom) and woman (sub) met. Played with each other’s naughty bits. Fell in love. Got married. Life happened – family and bills and pets and work.

He had over the years revealed himself to be a less confident man than she had originally met. She over the years had revealed her confidence and ability to direct.

Somewhere along the way, although they both knew better, things got a little worse. Less sex. More resentment. The things that happen to your life when you’re not looking.

But they stayed talking. They loved each other. And through the long conversations, something extraordinary happened. She said to him, with full truth but no desire to hurt:

“I don’t think you’ve ever been a Dom. Everything you do seems based on submission and a desire to please me.”

And so, to try to save their marriage, a couple who met and first defined the rules of their relationship as Dom and sub, decided to make a change.

Switch roles.

This is my (new) story. My new exploration of sexuality and fantasy. I hope you’ll come with me on the journey.