fast forward

Man (Dom) and woman (sub) met. Played with each other’s naughty bits. Fell in love. Got married. Life happened – family and bills and pets and work.

He had over the years revealed himself to be a less confident man than she had originally met. She over the years had revealed her confidence and ability to direct.

Somewhere along the way, although they both knew better, things got a little worse. Less sex. More resentment. The things that happen to your life when you’re not looking.

But they stayed talking. They loved each other. And through the long conversations, something extraordinary happened. She said to him, with full truth but no desire to hurt:

“I don’t think you’ve ever been a Dom. Everything you do seems based on submission and a desire to please me.”

And so, to try to save their marriage, a couple who met and first defined the rules of their relationship as Dom and sub, decided to make a change.

Switch roles.

This is my (new) story. My new exploration of sexuality and fantasy. I hope you’ll come with me on the journey.

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  1. I used to regularly check if you had come back for months, years after you vanished, stopped about 2 years ago and came on today on a whim! Very glad to see you’re back, I adore your writing style and the way you write anticipation. Welcome back! 🙂

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