Truth be told, I’ve never really believed in the concept of coming without being touched. It seems a wonderfully romantic idea, particularly so when embedded into a BDSM story. But it’s a fiction, a sweet and hot idea to get the old masturbatory juices flowing.


It was a lovely scene, delicious from all the denial that had led up to it – denial borne both of purpose as well as life Getting In The Way, as it does sometimes.

Now, with our new arrangement, it’s easier to wait through those times. My boy does so love to be denied. Paradoxically it makes him sweeter and softer and steadier – instead of the anxious, tense, frustrated man I used to know.

I had applied a new delicious twist – a tingly hot cinnamon oil to his cock and balls. Oh how it warmed. Oh how it itched. I could see his need for friction making him vibrate as I teased him.

I edged him five glorious times with the oil reapplied liberally each time.

And then it was time for his reward. I had no intention, after all, of allowing him to come – definitely not so soon, and possibly not at all that day.

I attached two chains together and clipped the end of each to opposite sides of his collar. A set of metal reins. I wanted to ride.

I climbed on the bed. Vikki, as you know if you’ve read through the archives, used to be quite squeamish about having her pussy licked, but no more. I’ve developed – shall we say – a taste for it.

I spread my legs, grabbed the metal reins, and pulled his face to my pussy. I rode him, jerking on his reins over and over again to get the rhythm I wanted.

Soon, when I was getting close, I realized I was hearing noises from him that I’d never heard before. Concerned, I asked if he was okay. He said yes but that he was also getting close.

Worried that he was grinding himself against the bed while sucking on me, I told him to raise up his hips so his cock was getting literally no stimulation at all. My boy obeyed happily, not wanting to disappoint me by coming without permission.

A few minutes later though, when I was incredibly close, I heard the noises. Again. I didn’t have the ability or desire to stop at that point, however.

He came. Cock swinging in the air. While he brought me off.

When the orgasmic dust had cleared I was stunned. He had come without being touched. For the first time ever. For either of us.

He had come from the itch of his cock and the mental fuckery of having his face jerked onto my pussy over and over. He had come from the mindfuck of having reins on him.

It was a shock. And a delight. And enough of both that he didn’t even get in trouble for coming without permission.

So lovely, to still find firsts. And how delicious a first… With such promise for future scenes.


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  1. Thanks for reappearing! Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

    (Unfairly, part of me thinks he should have been disciplined, at least a little. :–)

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