on my tantric knees

I’ve noticed a rather disturbing development in my constant, vibrating tuning fork arousal over the last day or two. My legs ache. Especially my knees. A lot. It’s like a constant hum, a body awareness I can’t quite shake. Honestly, it’s never been this bad for me. It’s not painful, but unusual and maybe a little distressing (not to mention frustrating!).

So I decided to look it up. This is what digital grrls like myself do when faced with a problem. We Google it.

The keywords: extended arousal knees.

And this link was the very first result: What I learned at orgasm school.

I am nothing if not a curious little Vikki, so I decided to read further.

Now, I have of course heard about extended orgasms and tantric whatevaramas and all that stuff. Sure I have. But I sort of assumed it was either not for real or so difficult to achieve, like lowering your own metabolism so people think you’re in a coma, that it would be unrealistic for the average girl (like me) to actually accomplish.

Well, if what this girl says is true, ‘taint so. Apparently anyone can do this. Twenty minute orgasms. The mind reels.

Actually, the mind reels just at how it must feel:

And I manage it — my everyday climax turns into the orgasm that just keeps on coming. As I keep my breath and internal and external stimulation going, my PC muscle keeps contracting. Then the muscle starts spontaneously pushing out (that move it’s been trained for). I can feel my brain starting to melt in my skull, and things are going quiet inside. I’m now in a deep meditative state.

I so have to try this. Maybe it will quiet the whole tuning fork thing. And give me some peace, dammit.

a woman is not a Nintendo game

Of all the descriptors I’ve heard recently, this is one of the best. Sasha says in her Love Bites column:

You have no doubt already met boys who get very nervous and upset if you don’t come. You just tell them you’re not a Nintendo game. Remember: it’s your body, and it’s your orgasm, and you’ll get to it in your own time.

More boys could benefit from this, which is why I thought I’d share.

I feel bad for men, really I do. Women’s bodies and sexual functions are such mysteries, by comparison. What works one time will not neccessarily work the next. What turns her on today may bore her or gross her out tomorrow. We have these bodies where all sexual things are hidden and soft and secret, where the rules are written by these invisible things called hormones, where orgasms are these elusive things that everyone knows we should have but sometimes we can’t even give ourselves one.

Men can’t help but have trouble understanding this. When was the last time a man you know had trouble giving himself an orgasm (when he wasn’t several sheets to the wind)?

No wonder there is rampant confusion.

I remember a time when a former lover told me that I was masturbating too often (every day, every other day, something like that) and that I would “use up” my orgasms, leaving me with nothing to share with others. As though I had a daily quota that, once filled, would render me useless to the opposite sex. 🙂

So, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, I offer this corollary to Sasha’s statement:

Think of making love with a woman as a Choose Your Own Adventure Book. At different points along the way, you have choices to make, and part of the fun is knowing that the story will never end the same way twice. Sometimes you’ll find riches, and sometimes you won’t. The fun is the adventure between the covers. Not the ending.

fingering 101

No news to anyone who’s been reading this diary for a while that I love fingers. Love isn’t even really the right word – I worship it. It is, bar none, the sexiest thing ever invented (to me) and it can be done in so many different ways and places that it’s just… ummmm. 🙂
So when I ran across this great pussy fingering how-to, I thought I’d share. I would agree 100% with most of the stuff in this article, and to it I would add the following:
There is a difference between men and women, and between masturbating for yourself and being masturbated by a partner. Guys, while I know you like to be teased, I also know that for a lot of you, it’s all about grip and pressure and firm strokes. Not so for the ladies, although many women will masturbate themselves this way. When you’re touching your lady with your fingers, try a lighter touch. In fact, start with the lightest touch you can possibly imagine (think of how you would touch a newborn baby’s hand) and work up from there. She’ll let you know when you’ve hit the right pressure. For me, that baby’s touch (coupled with a shit-eating grin and perhaps a teasing withdrawal or two) is all that’s needed to send me into oblivion. In fact, my most intense orgasms usually come from those super-light touches.
And for my other obsession, here’s another link to share for my female visitors: Blowjobs.
I really like the site. Well done!