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Added a new story tonight to the “stories” section, called Helping Hand. If you haven’t yet, check it out.
Truth be told, I have dozens of partly-written stories in my archive at home. I get an idea, get incredibly juiced up, and start writing. Then, at some point – generally 3-10 paragraphs into the story, I lose steam either due to time constraints or lack of ability to concentrate. In order to write these stories well, I need a lot of concentration – and lately, at least, that’s been difficult at best.
So, tonight, feeling like I wanted to write, I decided to pick through my half-finished stories and find one I could still get excited about, and try to finish it. Helping Hand was one of those. And yes, my more faithful readers will recognise the male character. Let’s see, dark eyes, cocky… I’ll give you three guesses as to who it is.
My muse is back. Not that he ever left, not really.
I have other stories, muse and non-muse, I’d love to write in the near future, if I can quiet my mind enough to concentrate. Bondage is one of them, where the female protagonist is bound and delectably tormented by the male protagonist. Another is a shower scene, yet another the one I mentioned last week about the oil and plastic dropcloth. I’ve even toyed with the idea of doing a f/f story. But I have no personal experience to draw on, there.
You may have noticed that my stories are always first person, female perspective. That’s a plus and a minus from my point of view, as the writer. It allows me to get into the story in a very personal way, but it also makes things much more difficult when I’m writing about something I’ve never before experienced – the bondage story being an excellent case in point. I’ve attempted no less than three times to write a bondage, male-dominant, female-tied story, but each time I end up stopping. I find it difficult to make it believable because I haven’t ever experienced it.
But in the end, the perspective of my stories is a personal choice, for three reasons. One, I hate trying to come up with character names. Distracts me almost totally from the thrust of the story (if you’ll pardon the pun). Two, I’m selfish. When I go back and read my stories, I want to be able to immerse myself totally in them and first person, female perspective is the best way for that to be achieved. Three, I think it’s a good angle for both men and women reading the stories – the women will be able to place themselves in the female’s place, and the men can imagine their woman writing this for them. That’s why there’s also very few exact physical characteristics such as height, weight, hair colour (except for the dark eyes bit… my muse is nothing if not pervasive) and the like. Makes it easier to imagine anyone you want in the stories.
Off to sleep, perchance, to dream…

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