products: silver bullet

This thing VIBRATES. Imagine sliding the silicone sheath off your existing vibrator and applying that small, vibrating metal part directly to your body. That’s what the silver bullet feels like. It’s a very intense vibration that is guaranteed to send you into hours of bucking and moaning pleasure. If you find orgasms difficult to reach, this thing could be a godsend.

It’s a very simple message, but important nonetheless. As such, I will spell it out in no uncertain terms. Ladies, if you like having orgasms, buy this toy.
I’ve tried a few vibrators – not many, mind you, but enough to get a “feel” for what your traditional penis-shaped vibrator can do. And what it can not do. Frankly, most of these are best used dildo-style; sliding in and out, maybe teasing new orifices, and turning your man on with the imagery involved in licking and sucking on it (the more realistic, the better, for this job!).

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