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on the soapbox again


When laws become ridiculous, they’re repealed. Or at least, they should be. Case in point: in Arizona, it’s still against the law to have oral sex, anal sex, or (even more ridiculous) any non-procreational sex act. Hmm. Instead of removing these items from the books, the politicians down there are saying it would cost too much to have the law repealed. Or somesuch. Read the whole...

laughter is the best medicine


We all get too serious about ourselves sometimes. I’m an offender, just as bad (if not worse) than your average Jill. But laughter has also saved me in times of stress or emotional upheaval. I’m naturally a smart-ass, as some of you may have guessed already. This facet instrinsic to my nature just comes out, bubbles to the surface when I’m getting too stressed, or too upset. I...

experimentation or crime?


Kids are curious about sex. Every kid you know is curious about it. You, as a child, were likely curious about it. I was very curious about it, from a very young age. I remember hearing these words – dick cunt fuck and learning what power they held. Parents would freak when you said it. Classmates would giggle. What power!And like many kids, I experimented here and there as a child...

breaking the rules


Ellen Fein, one of the authors of The Rules, is getting a divorce. This event occurs (not without irony) as her newest book, The Rules III: Time-Tested Secrets for Making Your Marriage Work, hits the shelves. If you’re not familiar with The Rules, look it up online. I’m not going to deign to link to their web site here, but look around and you’ll find it. It’s a book for...

sex positivity


Carol Queen shares some thoughts about being sex positive in this month’s issue of Good Vibes magazine. She says – if I may quote her: If sex-positivity is Utopian–and in a way, it is–we have to be willing to envision the world we want, wherever we are, and start figuring out how to create it: who our allies and appropriate partners are, how to challenge the internal and...



I decided to rent The Contender this weekend. I’m not usually one much for politics in the movies (or out of them, for that matter) but what the heck, it was up for some Oscars. I nearly ended up turning off the film in the first half-hour because it was so slow, so political, so boooooring. I’m glad I stuck with it, though. Yes, lots of political and moral and historic themes here...

a book extravaganza


It’s official. I now have more sex-related books than I know what to do with, or have time to read. They sit in little piles on my dining room table, mocking me. For some titles, of course, the prioritization is easy. I recently had two – two, mind you, a regular feast – Aran Ashe books delivered to my little mailbox. This guy’s work is incredible, and I devour it, though...

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