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It’s dark and stormy outside right now. God, I love thunderstorms. They make me feel wild and sexy and unrestrained. It makes me want dark and dangerous things. All that power. It makes me shiver. I miss many things about my time spent playing with BDSM, but one of the losses I’ve felt most keenly, particularly of late, is the feeling of being mastered. Mastered by someone who knows...

he with the magic fingers


A million years or so ago I promised to tell the story of He With The Magic Fingers. I warn you, the story might take a while, because there’s more to it than fingers. It started pretty innocently; friendship. I was still married, still living with my husband, though only in name; he was due to move out in a few months. I remember how it really began because it was the night my husband...

and so


You know, when I first set up this blog a billion and a half years ago (4+ years ago, Internet time) I set up a single guideline: no talking about present lovers. I could talk about the past, fantasize about the future, but no fair mentioning current partners. It was for my own sanity, really – it’s the only way I could force myself to write uncensored, not worrying about what the...

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