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the business trip, part 4


Part 4 of 4. You stand behind me, thinly veiled impatience shimmering between us, your hands on my hips as I open the door. The door closes behind us. You push me up against it. Your eyes glitter in the dark. You bury your right hand in my hair and slant your lips towards mine. I’m rigid, seeking your mouth, wanting this kiss more than I could have ever imagined.

hard to see, the dark side is


Halloween 1988 was an evening I will never forget. I was sitting beside my very first boyfriend (we had been going out all of two weeks) in my basement, watching the movie Halloween on video. It was completely dark in the room except for the flicker of the screen. My lips were still swollen from our marathon makeout session before the movie, and I had daringly placed my hand on his thigh while we...

the business trip, part 3


Part 3 of 4. You stop in front of a black car. You turn to lean against it and pull my hand, using my forward motion to carry me right into you. Your mouth slams on mine as though eternity would not be long enough to get a taste. I whimper in the back of my throat and bring my hands up to your chest, your arms.

the business trip, part 2


Part 2 of 4. I watch your eyes flare, your breathing change subtly as my finger moves over you. As my words work on you. The look in your eyes tells me that you want nothing more than to drag me out of this bar to someplace with a door to close on the world and a bed on which to lay me down.

the business trip, part 1


Part 1 of 4. I’m in town on business. You weren’t sure if we should meet. In truth, neither was I, because I have pretty firm beliefs about married men, but after months of verbally stimulating each other to the point of madness, my body wants you. It wants your touch.

marital discord


The short version is that I left my husband because we didn’t have sex any more. The long version is, as you’d expect, a lot more complicated than that, but it hits the highlights well enough. Because it’s never just about not having sex. It’s about all the reasons (the ones you know, and the ones you don’t) why you’re not having sex, it’s about how not...

losing my virginity, part 1


I promised a while back that I would tell the story of how I lost my virginity. People just love telling these stories anyway, but I've always found my initiation into intercourse to be particularly amusing. To me, at least, and hopefully for some of you as well.

manic masturbation


Vikki has been an incredibly busy girl of late, and exhausted as well. You’d think that would make me less horny and less likely to dally around with myself, but the opposite has been true. I’ve been obsessed lately. The slightest thing—the delicious curve of an ass seen on the subway, a sexy email from one of my readers (and there have been several lately, thank you! I promise...

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