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men who love men


After an incredible span of working way too many hours, I’m finally nearing a point where I can resume the bits and pieces of my social life. This weekend was a good start; Bast and I decided to satisfy our curiousity and rent some gay male porn. To say we enjoyed it would be putting it mildly. The damn thing got both of us worked up so much we actually discussed sleeping in separate rooms...

playing dress-up


Have you ever been to a fetish night or a BDSM club? Here in Toronto, as far as I know, there are no outright BDSM clubs the way there are in Seattle (The Wet Spot), which I hear so much about from reading Jane and Peter’s diaries. We do have fetish nights though on occasion, sponsored by different clubs or shops. Northbound runs the biggest one, from what I can tell. They...

to wit, the muse


I’ve received several letters lately wondering where the Muse has gone. Those of you who’ve been reading my diary for a while might remember that the Muse used to make cameo appearances here in the diary (and in the stories) from time to time. Frankly, I was a little amazed that anyone paid enough attention to notice his absence, other than me! The Muse is gone. Yep, I know...

submission, episode two


He's still fully dressed as he pulls my nude body down to join his on the bed. My mind is still singing with the relief of having pleased him as he guides me onto my back and moves over me. His tongue plunders my mouth, short, hard kisses that make me want to grab him and just hold on for dear life. I can't get enough.

now i’ve seen it all


I mentioned a while back that about 3% of men (according to an article on The Position‘s web site) can suck their own cock, but I’d never seen it, except in one photo that I swear was manipulated digitally to make it appear so. Browsing through some of the offerings at Jane’s Guide this morning, I ran across a site called Self-Suck Universe. Features the self-suck stylings of...



For days now, I’ve been thinking about the concept of denial. Sometimes we deny ourselves things, deliberately or by chance. Sometimes other people deny us things, deliberately or by chance. And sometimes it’s chance itself that denies us. It’s been a big denial week for me.1. I’ve been (deliberately) denying myself my bullets, masturbating only with my fingers and only if...

digital bits


Ananova recently reported that a sex shop in Switzerland will be closed to male customers one day a week, to allow their female visitors the chance to shop for their sex toys in relative privacy without having to endure the glances and drool (read: sturm und drang) of men. Not a bad idea, I’ve gotta say. There have been many times I’ve walked into Seduction on Yonge Street and wished...

men in uniform


There has always been something sexy about a man in uniform. For my generation, that thigh-clenching response was firmly embedded in our sexual subconsicous from the moment Richard Gere strode up to Debra Winger dressed in full navy dress, swung her up in his arms and carried her away. The way his strong shoulders looked in those whites, the way they hugged his cute little butt… but I...

new things


Finally, after a loooong dry spell, I’ve added two new stories to the site. The first, Naughty Note, was just a little bit of fluff, partly written nearly a year ago when exchanging some naughty emails with a nice gentleman who also writes erotica. No, that’s not his email… it was completely made up. But the rest of the story is pretty similar to my response to him. You’ll...

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