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outrageous flirting, redux


I’ve talked before about my smart-ass nature, and how there’s just this part of me that hopes that some day some man will have had enough of my smart mouth and either back me into a wall and kiss the living daylights out of me or pull me over his lap and give my tush a nice firm spanking. Ran across a quote tonight from Taken in Hand (found via Spanking Blog) that seems to sum up why...



I love my friends. But some of them just don’t understand the whole power play thing. I think they assume that because I enjoy being submissive (er… sometimes, anyway) that it means I’m crawling around on all fours, being humiliated, generally being made to feel like a lesser person. I know it’s not an uncommon assumption. I used to think so too, before I learned about...

sex shopping


Spurred by my recent thinking, I decided to visit Northbound today. Oh, it’s such a candy store in there for me. In my fantasies, I’ll go one day hand in hand with a very devious man who has money to spend there, and he’ll let me pick out the implements and restraints that make my insides clench the most. In reality, my shopping companion was content to simply watch my kid-in-a...

the problem with halloween


The problem with Halloween is I love to dress up, but I never have time to devote to thinking about a costume until it’s almost too late to get anything good, and even if I do… well, the costs involved in the kinds of costumes I invariably imagine are prohibitive when I have less than two weeks to save. This year, for example. It occurred to me quite suddenly the other night that what...

spanking story complete!


At long last all eleven parts of Spanking (the he said/she said erotic story I co-wrote with Arcturus, if you haven’t been keeping up) have been posted to the site. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it – goodness knows we (well, I shouldn’t speak for both of us, but I) enjoyed it immensely. Enough so that I might be tempted to do something like this again. It’s...

decidedly unsexy


Argh. My apologies for not getting part nine up last night; I have had two whirlwind very cranky days, and really, even if I’d had time, the last thing on my mind has been sex. I realize there are some of you who are now reeling in shock. I’ll give you a moment to recover. The good news is the post office just delivered four new erotic novels to sink my teeth into. I have every...

on marriage


There are days I hate thinking about marriage. My own, other people’s, particularly when I glance through the old sexless marriage post or the new one, and read the replies. Or when I read about Bush’s endorsement of Marriage Protection Week. Argh. And then, bless all that’s sweet and sexy and lubricious in the world, I read Mark Morford, and I realize maybe we’re not all...

truth vs. fantasy


I’m allowed to have fantasies. The fantasy is that this man is a Dom who likes girls and is looking for someone just like Vikki to settle down with and tie up once in a while. The truth is he’s probably some young boy’s leather daddy. And besides, he lives thousands of miles away. Doesn’t matter (she says, stubbornly). I’m still allowed to have my fantasies. Part...

sexy dreams


Do you ever wake up disappointed? I had such a lovely dream last night… soft slow wet kisses, softer moans. His heat and power behind me. Feeling his fingers slide down my belly to my thighs, pulling them apart, further and further. Spreading me for him. His fingers tangling between my legs. Soft wet slow brushes of just barelythere fingertips while I buried my face in his neck. Shuddering...

hi to spankingbloggers


I noticed that SpankBoss was kind enough to link to both my recent post on spanking and the he said/she said spanking story I’ve been posting over the last several days. So, hello and welcome to visitors coming here via Spanking Blog! (It is dangerously arousing to me to think of the number of things a man named SpankBoss might know how to do… but I digress.) I realized today that a...

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