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sexuality and body image


In my wanderings this morning I ran across zenslut. You know what it’s like when you run across a new journal or blog at what feels like exactly the right time? Everything clicks, and the one entry at the top actually catches your eye and makes you read further and in doing so you gain new respect for the blogger or new ideas or new links to explore and really, I like to think of it as...

the seduction


In my mind's eye, I saw you pushing me up against a wall. You slid your hand over the hollow of my throat, under my chin, behind my ears, to bury it in the hair at the base of my neck. Your body settled against mine, making my skin tingle with its heat. Your eyes kept contact with me the entire time as those hard lips came closer, my body softening in response, lips parting, and then you were...

vikki’s personal sex trivia


I have to admit, I was curious to see what my own personal sex trivia would look like, all spelled out in little blurbs and bits, stats and interesting factoids. And I've found I enjoy reading over it, almost as much as I'd enjoy reading someone else's. It helps me to take everything just a little less seriously.

play that funky music, white boy


If there’s one drawback to bullet vibes (or any vibe, really – wait, there are other kinds? – grin) it’s that you have your choice of one, two, three, maybe up to seven speeds, but that’s it. Once you’ve learned their grooves, there are no more surprises. This can be a Good Thing but it also means you miss out on the spontaneity that a partner brings to the mix...

the tragedy of the three


I recently received a letter from a visitor which read: I’d like to get your opinion on this scenario – A woman loves two men, both of them want her only for themselves, yet each realizes that the other man touches her in places that they cannot. She will not let one man cross over into the other’s territory. It’s been going on for about ten months. All three of them are...

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