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can you become a sex store shopaholic?


Bast and I hit the city’s sex shops today with a vengeance, and saw SO many things we’d like to get. I tried diligently to take it easy on my debit card. I had moderate success with this. It’s just that there’s so much fun stuff out there! It’s hard to keep my hands and pocketbook away… New purchases: a good leather blindfold to complement the bondage set...

shopping extravaganza, continued


First, let me report back about the “Slim Line Massager” vibrator I picked up yesterday. Yay me! 🙂 I think we can safely say I like it. The porno got a little better, too, near the end… or maybe that was just because I was imagining dark eyes watching me as I slid my new toy in and out. I promised to update on the books I picked up yesterday. Thanks to a batch of Chapters gift...

a shopping extravaganza


Well, it took me an extra day longer than I’d expected, but I did manage to hit the sex shops today. Had a blast doing it, too, though I was disappointed by my search for hot leather clothing. It seems that women who wear sizes larger than size 6 are not sufficiently skinny enough to wear leather – at least according to Seduction. Every item they carried began at size 2 and ended at...

tired, stuffed and wiser


Back from the land of dysfunctia (otherwise known as my parents’ place) and so very VERY happy to be back in the big city. When three different cabbies cut me off as I drove through the city to my apartment, I wanted to get out and kiss them. I’m feeling a little like Dorothy when the world turns black and white again and everything is as it should be back in Kansas. I checked under...

off to the land of dysfunctia


Woke up this morning at 4:45 AM just like a kid. Unlike a kid, I had to have the help of a very loud, very annoying alarm clock to accomplish this. This is what happens when you put off driving to your parents’ home until Christmas morning. But despite the early hour, it’s preferable to adding more hours of visiting time to my holiday-with-parents bonanza. Trust me. Santa didn’t...

bored for the holidays? try this


Missionary style just not cutting it for you anymore? Try Sexual Positions Free. Cute site, I had some fun looking through it. Some of these looked very familiar, some just painful or radically awkward. What positions do you like? For me, I do love doggy style (I think I’ve mentioned this before). It’s a very deep penetration and really an ideal position for real “fucking”...

the ultimate fantasy gift?


Stopped in to Sexilicious for my weekly dose, and ran across an article that piqued my interest about the Ultimate Fantasy Gift from Victoria’s Secret. Well, I had to go and take a look, didn’t I? First of all, the idea of spending 15 MILLION dollars (US, no less… which is like 25 million up here in Canada) on a bra and panty set seems a little extravagant even for me… and...

all those in love with the penis, say aye!


It all began with The Book of the Penis (written by Maggie Paley). While doing some online shopping, I ran across this book, which Dan Savage (Savage Love) said “should be required reading for anyone who has a penis, wants a penis, or loves someone who has or wants a penis”. Well, I certainly fit into that group! It’s a little bit of everything you ever wanted to know about the...

a sex and the city feast


Dating – more than one man, even – does not guarantee you won’t end up spending Saturday night alone on the couch. It’s okay, though, since I didn’t really actively pursue setting anything up for tonight. I poured myself a glass of wine, turned all the Christmas lights on, and cracked open my birthday gift (thanks Mom) – the entire first season of Sex and the...

the most romantic scene ever


When most people discuss the most romantic movie scene ever, they usually mention scenes from Casablanca, From Here To Eternity, or more modern movies with men like Mel Gibson, Sean Connery or the like in the starring role. As usual, I tend to be a little different. My entire life, one scene has had the power to sweep me away, make me cry, warm my heart, and make me dream like a schoolgirl all...

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