the most romantic scene ever


When most people discuss the most romantic movie scene ever, they usually mention scenes from Casablanca, From Here To Eternity, or more modern movies with men like Mel Gibson, Sean Connery or the like in the starring role.
As usual, I tend to be a little different. My entire life, one scene has had the power to sweep me away, make me cry, warm my heart, and make me dream like a schoolgirl all over again. It’s the love scene in The Sound of Music, when a younger and dapper Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer) declares his love for Maria (Julie Andrews).
The look in his eyes when he moves to kiss her in the moonlit gazebo… sigh.To just once, stand in a moonlit gazebo and live that moment.
I do wonder, though, about their future. If the movie continued on past the ending we’re all accustomed to seeing, how would their sex life be? I mean, yes, the movie was made ages ago when everything was all about romance and not sex. But honestly, after all her time spent in the Abbey, can you honestly see Maria, her legs spread in a V and pushed up against her shoulders, Captain Von Trapp in all his naked splendour pounding away between her thighs? I think she’d be shocked. Can you imagine the look on her face if he slid his lips down her belly and began to lick between her thighs? I dissolved in a fit of giggles thinking about this, enough to ruin the rest of the film (which honestly, I don’t like as much anyway).
Sometimes I think that’s a problem we all grapple with. The separation of love and lust. In men, it’s called the Madonna/Whore syndrome. Women are far from immune to the problem, though. For some people, sex is sex and love is love, and it can be hard to breach the gap between. My marriage, I think, suffered from something along these lines. He loved me very much – and at the same time couldn’t imagine being sexual with me. In time, I ended up having the same division in my head, though not quite as extreme.
The real problem with this division is it implies you have to choose. Choose whether love or sex is most important to you. During the year I struggled to decide whether to leave my husband, this was the decision I felt I had to make. In the end, I chose sex – but there was more to it than that.
I chose to try and find a situation in which I could have both love and sex. I knew I could not have them with him. I decided that I wanted it all.
Greedy little thing, aren’t I? <grin>
Don’t worry. I’m just saving myself for Christopher Plummer. Or I would be if he wasn’t so damned old now! 🙂

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