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add 2-5 inches instantly!


I had actually intended this post for ErosBlog, but since we seem to be experiencing technical difficulties with the whole guest blogging thing, I decided to go ahead and post it here. Y’know, if I had a penny for every spam I’ve received urging me to Enlarge My Penis Now, I’d be a rich woman indeed. And if all of those products worked, I’d be surrounded by steely long...

guest blogging


I, along with fellow Canadians Mike and Michelle, will be guest blogging at ErosBlog over the next several weeks while its owner, Bacchus, takes a much-needed vacation. Personally, I think the guy is planning to hole up somewhere on a deserted beach with some nubile young thing and suck pomegranate seeds from her navel. And more power to ‘im, I say. At any rate, since I don’t often...



I am so horny tonight it feels like my skin has Pop Rocks (remember that candy, from when we were kids?) inside. Nothing specific spurred it on, but oh baby, it’s there now. If you were here, I’d strip you all naked and lay you out on furniture like fabric swatches I’m trying to decide between. Men and women alike. I’d sample each of you like fine truffles and amuse...

advice to the online seeker


After keeping a sex-related blog for the last four years, using the services of several different online personals sites, and generally meeting men online in a variety of ways including via chatrooms and forums, I’ve come across enough of a sample to be able to know what is going to work. For me, at least. And guys, I love ya, but some of you have completely terrible online manners...

insert standard disclaimer


I have never had two men at once. Yes, I’ve fantasized about it for ages. Yes, I would probably try it if the opportunity presented itself. OK, who am I kidding, I’d be the first one nekkid. 🙂 Nor have I ever been a Domme. Not sure I could pull it off. All those disclaimers aside, oh how this photo (right) turned me on. I mean Big Time turned me on – think of guys looking at...

true story: anal sex?


Bacchus was talking about anal first-times (bad one mentioned here) and it got me to thinking about my own sort-of first time, only time, really. This entry could be subtitled “Why you should not have hot completely drunk monkey sex with a bad back”. About that bad back. Most of the time it’s OK. But I’m careful. I know what I can and cannot do with it. I can do many...

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