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I had actually intended this post for ErosBlog, but since we seem to be experiencing technical difficulties with the whole guest blogging thing, I decided to go ahead and post it here.

Y’know, if I had a penny for every spam I’ve received urging me to Enlarge My Penis Now, I’d be a rich woman indeed. And if all of those products worked, I’d be surrounded by steely long thick members. Which is never a bad place to be. But it hasn’t happened yet, more’s the pity.

One guy seems determined to figure out the story behind these products once and for all and is blogging the experience for the whole world to enjoy. He quotes the instructions from the manufacturer:

Now when you get an erection your penis will be harder, firmer, stronger and bigger than ever before you should have reached gains between 1-3 inches, if you want more size then you should continue until you get the size that you want…

Anybody other than me suddenly picturing Pinnochio’s nose?

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