spreading the legs


Opening your legs is one of the most vulnerable things a woman can do. It gives access to areas of her body where she’s most sensitive, most vulnerable. Done right, the simple act of getting those legs open for the first time can be a huge turn on in and of itself. The most basic is opening my legs myself, freely given, without any prompting other than maybe fingers wandering down my belly...

the office flirtation


I’ve recently been reading Sex in the Office, yet another in a long series of Black Lace short story collections, and I have to admit, the whole Sex in the Office thing does it for me. Actually, the whole forbidden fruit thing does it for me, period, but that’s a whole other post. 🙂 Even if there isn’t any sex, the promise of sex, the teasing and tantalizing and flirtation of...



Life has been crazy lately. It has been tense, it has been busy, and it has required me to be Alert And In Control far too often. My S.O.’s life has also been tense and busy. Our visits with each other have been far less frequent than either of us would like at this point, and often we’re both so tired and stressed that all we’re up to doing is cuddle, a movie, and fairly...

sugar walls


No, silly, not what you think. However, I have recently been found fantasizing about walls. Er. Let me explain. Walls are just hot. Push me up against them and I switch into subbie, wet, horny mode almost immediately. Shove your cock against me, and it’s even better. It’s dramatic without the over-violence, it’s cliched but still damned hot, and it also gives support for rubbery...

did you say cigar?


I am so, so relieved to know I’m not the only woman out there with a Bill Clinton fetish. I have been in serious heat for the man ever since seeing him, pre-presidency, on the Arsenio Hall show (yeah, I know, I’m dating myself here), playing a saxophone. Damned sexiest presidential candidate I’d ever seen. I was captivated. His intelligence and sheer animal magnetism get to me...

gay man trapped in a woman’s body


Before I get into this post, let me make the PC-correcting statement that I don’t mean to make light of real transgender issues. That said… I think I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. More specifically, I think I’m a leather-lovin’ bottom with a wee hankering for a big bear daddy and other male authority figures. I’ve been looking recently at a lot...

sharing a fantasy: the friend


So there’s this fantasy I’ve been entertaining lately. I do not know where it came from (well, my pervy little mind, obviously, but bear with me). And I don’t know if I’d ever actually have the guts to do it, but oh how it turns me on. You don’t mind if I share, do you? 🙂 I’m with my lover. He’s managed to undress me while staying fully clothed...

npm. oh yeah. I’m all over it


Sometimes boys can be very silly little creatures, whining about having to look at dick on a sex blog. At least, that’s what’s been happening recently on ErosBlog when our beloved Bacchus (equal opportunity perv that he is) posted a lovely upkilt photo of a very nice Scottish cock. Not one to be bullied into a dick-free environment, he’s proclaimed June to be National Penis...

naughty fantasy


Finally back from the parents’, and a Merry Christmas was had by all. Except… oh, this ongoing fantasy I’ve been having is wickedly potent. It’s probably the celibacy doing it. I mean, sure, it’s been ages since I actually had man-flesh next to my skin, and also the lack of places or opportunity to touch myself while visiting the folks, it’s bound to drive a...

truth vs. fantasy


I’m allowed to have fantasies. The fantasy is that this man is a Dom who likes girls and is looking for someone just like Vikki to settle down with and tie up once in a while. The truth is he’s probably some young boy’s leather daddy. And besides, he lives thousands of miles away. Doesn’t matter (she says, stubbornly). I’m still allowed to have my fantasies. Part...

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