gay man trapped in a woman’s body


Before I get into this post, let me make the PC-correcting statement that I don’t mean to make light of real transgender issues.

That said…

I think I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. More specifically, I think I’m a leather-lovin’ bottom with a wee hankering for a big bear daddy and other male authority figures.

I’ve been looking recently at a lot of “bears”, leather daddies, and other male authority figures like policemen. And drooling a lot with the looking.

Big, hairy and stern. Damn. Gets to me every time.

Why are all these men gay? Alternatively, why do I have to be a hetero female with zip zero zilch chance with these men?

I need to find myself a nice, big, hairy, stern, hetero (or bi – I’m not choosy), flogger-carryin’ male authority figure with a hot cock, a secure lap and a strong and steady spanking hand.

Or maybe I’m just horny. 🙂

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Vikki McKay


  • Funny you should mention this, since I’ve always felt that I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body…but the woman is a lesbian! I have always tended to have more typically female responses to sex (I love long foreplay, love to cuddle, etc.). So, yep – I know exactly where you’re coming from…um…sort of. (grin)

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