ArchiveMarch 2005

products: the Body Bare shaving system


It didn’t take long after my first shave to figure out that I loved being completely bare between the thighs. It felt sexy and soft and a little naughty, and I couldn’t get enough of it. The biggest problem, of course, was how to maintain this slip-slidey feeling all the time. Waxing is currently out for me – I tried a home waxing kit and OH MY GOD the pain. And while I’m...

from ye olde mailbag


I know. Two posts in a month. Y’all might faint. 🙂 Dana writes: I was just wondering if you could tell me exactly how you got into BDSM? I mean, was it something that just happened? A partner who was interested and sparked your interest? You had always been interested and were lucky enough to have a receptive lover? You actively searched for a dominant man? When I first read this I thought:...

what the hell was that?


Something happened the other night that has me mystified. I was being stimulated, close to orgasm, built up and up and then finally I was there, I was having an orgasm but it didn’t feel like relief, it felt like there was more and things kept happening and it built again as I nearly screamed my damned lungs out and ten to fifteen seconds later it built even higher and I think every bone in...

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