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kinky web finds


Whew! Well, that was a depressing entry, wasn’t it? Never fear, I’m still the kinky perverted chick you’ve all come to know and worship. 😉 It’s about time to move on to much more amusing things! Luckily, just through my regular browsing du jour, I came across several lovely finds to share with all of you: has really, really spectacular-looking bondage...



Bear with me, oh faithful reader, as I expose myself (ahem) on a level which doesn’t often happen around here – I’m all for talking about my likes, but a little squirmier talking about the sexual things that I just don’t have a handle on yet. So to speak. Kind comments welcome, bashing will just make me cry, so be gentle, please. 🙂 As my regular readers undoubtedly...

the bdsm lifestyle


Ran across an interesting set of lecture notes from a BDSM talk. While there are things in here I both agree with and disagree with, this resonated enough to want to share: THE FANTASY: Every dominant, everywhere, must always be addressed deferentially as “Sir” (or “Ma’am,” if she is female), and possibly, obeyed as you would obey someone who actually owns you. THE...

gay man trapped in a woman’s body


Before I get into this post, let me make the PC-correcting statement that I don’t mean to make light of real transgender issues. That said… I think I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. More specifically, I think I’m a leather-lovin’ bottom with a wee hankering for a big bear daddy and other male authority figures. I’ve been looking recently at a lot...

sharing a fantasy: the friend


So there’s this fantasy I’ve been entertaining lately. I do not know where it came from (well, my pervy little mind, obviously, but bear with me). And I don’t know if I’d ever actually have the guts to do it, but oh how it turns me on. You don’t mind if I share, do you? 🙂 I’m with my lover. He’s managed to undress me while staying fully clothed...

i swear i’m not making this up


Sure, sure, you’ve all heard the jokes about statutory rape and incest in a few states – Arkansas and Virginia come to mind – but I always kind of thought they were jokes. Seriously. But, apparently it’s a real problem. Big enough that the Department of Health in Virginia has launched a new ad campaign – including highway billboards – that urge men not to have...

npm. oh yeah. I’m all over it


Sometimes boys can be very silly little creatures, whining about having to look at dick on a sex blog. At least, that’s what’s been happening recently on ErosBlog when our beloved Bacchus (equal opportunity perv that he is) posted a lovely upkilt photo of a very nice Scottish cock. Not one to be bullied into a dick-free environment, he’s proclaimed June to be National Penis...

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