ArchiveNovember 1999

the mystery of male arousal


I've often wondered how long a man, truly, can be aroused. As a woman, I know the time is long - I can be aroused for hours and hours, like a slow simmering pot. There doesn't even have to be an orgasm near the end - so long as the arousal doesn't reach that state of “critical mass”, it's not a requirement to have an orgasm. Arousal, in and of itself, is a pleasurable state.

the subway


We were friends, business associates. Nothing more. I'd never thought of you this way before tonight. Suddenly, I couldn't meet your eyes across the table and not think of you in this new, incredibly exciting way. I looked across the table at you and smiled to myself. You looked so stuffy. Your tie, perfectly knotted beneath your Adam's apple, made my fingers itch to slide the silk bonds apart.

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