the mystery of male arousal


I’ve often wondered how long a man, truly, can be aroused. As a woman, I know the time is long – I can be aroused for hours and hours, like a slow simmering pot. There doesn’t even have to be an orgasm near the end – so long as the arousal doesn’t reach that state of “critical mass”, it’s not a requirement to have an orgasm. Arousal, in and of itself, is a pleasurable state.
But men are different. I’ve often wondered how long, realistically, a man could be aroused – if in fact they’re physiologically capable of a “slow simmer”. It’s a curiousity of mine that presents itself over and over in fantasy, since I don’t have a partner on which to test my curiousity. 🙂

Is a three-hour blowjob unrealistic? I like to think it’s within the realm of possibility. For me there is no greater pleasure than watching a man come time and again to the point of no return, feeling as though his body is stretched on a rack, sweat dotting his upper lip, every cell in his being focused on the sensation of my mouth, loving him. Of course, this may just be because I have always loved holding a man’s cock in my mouth and find most men come too quickly. What a treat it would be to be able to come back over and over again to that place between his legs and finally try all of the tricks I have up my sleeve, all in one sitting. To prolong his pleasure, and mine.
But even before the moment when I slide him into my mouth, there are so many possibilities for arousal. I’d like to find a man with whom I could explore them all. Whole levels of mental arousal, flirting, teasing, using words and eyes to communicate a deeper, sexual meaning. Whole levels, too, of physical arousal before I even touch his cock – tongues and lips, chest and fingers, neck and legs and balls and…
But truly, is this a realistic idea? I find myself confounded by the chasm between fantasy and reality. So few men will speak forthrightly about sex with a woman, unless they are intimately involved; I assume they find it uncomfortable.
In the fantasies I dream, and the fantasies I write, the men are strong and capable of lengthy arousal, allowing me to use every angle, every pressure, every speed or tempo, every variation of hands, lips, tongue, throat, palm, breast that I can think of.
For now, at least, my curiousity will have to go on…

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