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a virtual cornucopia of sex!


This weekend I checked out the Everything To Do With Sex Show with a Bast and some other friends. You gotta love the premise – kind of like a Home and Garden show but for those who love sex! And who doesn’t, really? 🙂 Interesting items: I was really surprised by the proliferation of Wet, a flavoured lube I recently picked up at a Fantasia party. This stuff was everywhere. And I must...

on the sopabox


<rant> This is so sad. I was shocked and dismayed and… well, here, let me give you the scoop. According to The Position: The most recent sexual survey, Sex in America (1994), by M. Gagnon et al., found that about 40 percent of women in the general population between the ages of 18 to 59 had masturbated within the past year. The survey also found that about one in 10 women reported...

What colors your sexuality?


Before I took it back for myself, I allowed others’ opinions of me to color my sexuality. Not everyone’s opinions, certainly. But those closest to me… well, yeah. Biggest case in point: the husband (from whom I am now separated). It makes me want to shake my head, pound my fists, even cry a little, when I think of how I allowed my sexuality to be buried underneath the color of...

no more games


God, I hate games. Well, now, let me qualify that. I enjoy some games. Ones in which both people know exactly what’s going on. No manipulation, no hiding, no dishonesty. So long as those guidelines apply, I’m all for the fun of games. Which is precisely why this site, The Art of Seduction, rings a little false with me. Could be that it’s a great way to learn about the opposite...

why is chest hair sexy?


Our bodies are all about texture. Women are smooth and soft. We even shave our body hair to make up for nature’s little shortcomings in that department. And men – well, they’re truly wonderful creatures. Such a contrast of smooth and hard, rough and soft. Chest hair is sexy because it looks so delightfully masculine. Because its crinkly texture feels wonderful against your...



I attended my first-ever Fantasia party yesterday at Bast’s place, what fun! If you’ve never attended one of these before, I highly recommend it. The crowd was rowdy and bawdy (just how I like it), the oils and unguents held exciting possibilities, and the toys were of high quality. If I had one disappointment it was that the selection of toys was not as vast as I’d hoped...

playing in the past


When it comes to art, I’m really more of the architecture type than paintings or photography. Give me Notre Dame or the Coliseum over Matisse any day. When it comes to erotica, I’m really more into the written word than images or video, though I enjoy both in moderation. I prefer to let my mind paint a picture than having it shown to me. The brain, after all, is the most powerful...



My muse is gone. Well, to be more accurate, my muse is still there only now, from afar. (Okay, more afar.) I’m sure that, active participant in my life or no, he’ll continue to inspire naughty thoughts for quite some time. He is so sensual. I don’t know if he even realizes it. The way his eyes moved over me. The curve of his lips when he smiled. His wrists (don’t ask...

the male g-spot


Another amazing scientific discovery posted yesterday – scientists have discovered the male G spot! According to reports, they found the part of the brain that gets excited the most when a man is sexually aroused by what he sees. Wow. Can I play devil’s advocate for a moment? Of course there’s a part of the brain that gets affected when men are aroused by visual imagery. Coulda...

sexy to-do list


This week I’ve been keeping an eye on a thread in the Sexilicious forums, all about a “To Do” list. What have you always wanted to try sexually but haven’t yet? Got me thinking about my own personal to-do list – which is HUGE. Mostly due to lack of opportunity, though there are a few in there that I’m still not sure whether they’d play better in fantasy...

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