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When it comes to art, I’m really more of the architecture type than paintings or photography. Give me Notre Dame or the Coliseum over Matisse any day.
When it comes to erotica, I’m really more into the written word than images or video, though I enjoy both in moderation. I prefer to let my mind paint a picture than having it shown to me. The brain, after all, is the most powerful sexual organ. Mine works very well! 🙂
Lately, though, I’ve found myself drawn more and more to erotic photography. Not outright porn, exactly, just erotic, well executed photography. I’ve been known to kill time in nerve’s photography section when I want to look at something beautiful and stimulating as well. Something to make you think, something to please my love of shape and texture.
Just in time, then, for Salon’s latest feature story about Peek, a new book from the Kinsey Institute. It’s a wonderful collection of erotic photography – both historical and current – and if the photo sampling that Salon includes with their story is any indication, these images are superb. Some poignant, some fun, some shocking. I fell in love.
I ran my little mouse right over to and picked myself up a copy.I’m fascinated particularly by the older photographs. I think I may research this a bit more – perhaps I may start a collection. The thought of having a collection of old erotic photographs really appeals to me.
What fun! A new hobby!
And one that has to do with sex! How unlike me. <grin>

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