I attended my first-ever Fantasia party yesterday at Bast’s place, what fun! If you’ve never attended one of these before, I highly recommend it. The crowd was rowdy and bawdy (just how I like it), the oils and unguents held exciting possibilities, and the toys were of high quality. If I had one disappointment it was that the selection of toys was not as vast as I’d hoped.
Needless to say, I spent far too much money. But it’s going to a good cause. Me! 🙂
To my delight, one of the toys featured was the Silver Bullet, the very toy I’ve been raving about for some time. I encouraged everyone at the party to buy one. My gospel must spread about this toy!
Some of the more exciting purchases I picked up at the party:
Vibrating lipstick: Yes, this little wonder really looks like a real tube of lipstick. When you remove the lid and turn the base, the “lipstick” extends upward and begins to vibrate! Oh, this one I had to get on principle. A vibrator you can carry in your purse and still be discreet – I’d love to kiss the person who thought of this.Ben Wa balls: It’s time to take my Kegels to the next level. I like the idea of eventually being able to train my body to hold them in for hours at a time. If I can do this, imagine what I’ll be able to do to my lover’s cock?
Sundae Kit: Not just flavoured whipped cream – this stuff comes with sprinkles, too! Oh, the sundaes I will make with this. And if some of the sprinkles don’t manage to stick properly to the whipped cream – well, I guess I’ll just have to root around with my tongue to slurp up the strays. Anything in the name of cleanliness. <grin>
Kama Sutra Oils of Love: Okay, so I couldn’t decide on a flavour and had to pick up the party-pack. Who can choose when they all taste so good! These oils heat up when you breathe on them. Oh, the ideas I have for this stuff…
Kama Sutra Pleasure Cream: Wickedly intense (and edible) mint gel. You wouldn’t believe what it does to your private parts. And yes, I tried it.
A veritable bouquet of goodies to try! It’s like Christmas in October. And that is never a Bad Thing.

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