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slip-sliding away


For the first time in quite a while, I ran across something of interest at Salon. It’s tough, I know, to come up with something fascinating every single day about sex. Some days there’s just nothing new to say. But I digress. This article is about lube. The fun of lube, the importance of lube. It recommends using it every time you have sex. I have to admit, even with my love of lubes...

i don’t know nothing ’bout birthin’ no babies, Miz Scarlett


Contraception. Maybe it’s because it’s such an awful, long, ugly word. Or maybe it’s because it can bring the whole gamut of human reality into play – life, death, sickness, health. Whatever the reason, people hate to think about contraception. They hate to deal with it. They hate discussing it. And all this hate and fear and discomfort often leads to avoidance, taking...



Most of the people who know me in life assume that if I were to get “into” (their emphasis, not mine) BDSM that I would be a dominant. It’s a reasonable enough thesis – I tend to be fairly (ahem) assertive in my day-to-day life. I’ve been at least an equal if not the stronger person in each of my major relationships throughout my life – with my parents...

hearts and flowers or clits and dicks?


First off, let me say I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. I haven’t just hated it when I was single – though I am now, and that always brings and extra edge of bitterness to the whole affair – but I hated it when I was married too. Because the whole holiday just raises unrealistic expectations. The stores fill high and wide with pink satin, red velvet, roses and...

the time clock and peelers


First, at long last, a quickie on my trip with Bast to the peeler bar last weekend. It was her first time ever. I think she was a little disappointed by the action, overall. Most of the girls, while relatively pretty, just sort of swayed back and forth, walked around, took off some clothes. Pretty boring stuff. Made me think that these women are doing the slow-and-sensual thing because they think...

just browsing


I’ve been officially working too many hours to formulate any great ideas or opinions on anything sexual. Very tired little Vikki. So, I’m subjecting you to yet another hodgepodge of miscellaneous bits that I’ve run across in the past couple of days. First, though, I wanted to mention I got a letter of complaint from one of my visitors over my Vagina Monologues review. She stated...

fun with fingers


I’ve mentioned before how much I love fingers and hands. I love the feel of them inside and out, and while I enjoy cunnilingus there are just some heights I reach through being touched that I never quite seem to reach with a tongue. At last, I’m not alone. Read a great article in the Good Vibes online magazine about Female Genital Massage that backs up a lot of what I’ve been...

quick bites


I’ve been trying to decide where to go this year. I know I’m taking a trip, but was trying to decide between London, Rome, San Francisco, or the Grand Canyon. Finding out about a huge web conference in San Francisco decided me: I’m going to the City by the Bay, baby! I could not be more excited about this if I tried. Headline: Taiwan men to pull jumbo jet with penises. I’m...

why is violence worse than sex?


If you live in North America or at least have access to the mainstays of American culture – television and movies – you will have likely noticed at one point or another that movies with high degrees of violence in them but little sex are much more likely to get a PG-13 rating; movies with more sex and less violence almost always seem to get a rating of R. The hypocrisy screams at me...

cunnilingus thinking


A great feature at caught my eye this morning, called Gimme Shelter. It’s one man’s personal essay about cunnilingus – why he loves it. Thought-provoking and hugely fascinating read. Frankly, I love to read stories like this – partly because it always helps to ease my mind about men’s feelings on the subject, and partly because it’s an illuminating...

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