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I’ve been trying to decide where to go this year. I know I’m taking a trip, but was trying to decide between London, Rome, San Francisco, or the Grand Canyon. Finding out about a huge web conference in San Francisco decided me: I’m going to the City by the Bay, baby! I could not be more excited about this if I tried.
Headline: Taiwan men to pull jumbo jet with penises. I’m not kidding. Here’s the story for those who want to know. My first thought: ow. My second thought: WHY?
Just when I thought Australians just made more sense than those of us growing up in a North American culture, I find out that Australia’s censorship laws include this caveat: they allow pictures of genitals to be published in broad-circulation publications so long as they are “discreet” and do not include “genital emphasis”.Let me translate this for you. This means that they can show labia and the clitoris and vaginas so long as they’re not… overt (and how many non-overt vaginas have YOU seen lately?). Which means most porn mags showing women’s genitals in the land Down Under (whole new meaning there, huh?) are digitally modified to make them smaller and generally less messy and more perfect.
The result? Thousands of young girls flocking to surgeons to have their genitals mutilated – erm, sorry, I meant modified – to look like these digitally enhanced, perfect pussies. The full story is available here.
And I thought that North America’s obsession with perfect silicone breasts was scary. Fair dinkum!

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