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thinking sex positive for one goddamned minute


The life of a sexuality blogger can be a dismal one at times, and today is just one of those times. Go to Google News, do a search on “sex” to see what’s new in the news of sex, and here are the top ten headlines: Prosecutor to Lay Sex Charges on Pitcairn Island Sex traffickers using SF, LA as ports of entry Fighting the sex traffickers Female teacher in New Jersey accused of...

buzz on


OK, dirty confession of the month: it’s been simply ages since Vikki clicked her little self over to I confess. Do with me what you may. The good news is that in my absence (and what else would you expect from such a top-drawer site like this one?) they’ve added lots of yummy enjoyable goodies that I can then pass on and share with all of you. A very handy new tool is...

erotic photography


My photographic sense has evolved a lot in the last few years, thanks to the plethora of photographers I have in my life, each in their own way determined to help me better understand the art and the science behind what it is they do. And of course, given Vikki’s erotic sensibilities, it was only natural I’d eventually look for photographers whose styles complement my tastes. Along...

a woman is not a Nintendo game


Of all the descriptors I’ve heard recently, this is one of the best. Sasha says in her Love Bites column: You have no doubt already met boys who get very nervous and upset if you don’t come. You just tell them you’re not a Nintendo game. Remember: it’s your body, and it’s your orgasm, and you’ll get to it in your own time. More boys could benefit from this...

clitoral orgasms


First let me say I love Shere Hite. She’s always got great things to say, and is well known enough to get a better podium than most to say it. And I quote: [T]he stimulation women give themselves to reach orgasm is – unlike that used by men – radically different from the stimulation most women receive during coitus. So it is not at all surprising that the rate of orgasm during...

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