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My photographic sense has evolved a lot in the last few years, thanks to the plethora of photographers I have in my life, each in their own way determined to help me better understand the art and the science behind what it is they do.
And of course, given Vikki’s erotic sensibilities, it was only natural I’d eventually look for photographers whose styles complement my tastes.

Along these lines, I’ve recently added this new book to my Amazon Wish List – it looks absolutely yummy and has six photos from one of my favourite erotic & fetish photographers, Dave Naz. His stuff is very glossy, very production, almost retro in its sensibilities. Nice.
I’ve run across a couple more photographers online whose work I also find absolutely stunning:
Mark Blackie – These photos are so… intimate, not the typical nudes or fetish photos you find in most places. You feel as though you’re being let inside a very private world with these women. Wonderful. mark was also kind enough to let me use one of his photographs in the new site design. Thanks again, Mark.
Kevin Hundsnurscher – Very cute sense of humour and irony in these photos, and his stuff just keeps getting better and better. I’ve been visiting his site for a couple of years.
If only I had the skill to do something like this myself. How I would love to express myself this way!

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