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OK, dirty confession of the month: it’s been simply ages since Vikki clicked her little self over to I confess. Do with me what you may.

The good news is that in my absence (and what else would you expect from such a top-drawer site like this one?) they’ve added lots of yummy enjoyable goodies that I can then pass on and share with all of you.

A very handy new tool is the Vibrator Intensity Chart.

How wonderful. And how, erm, stimulating to realize that the Remote Panty gives the same level of intensity as my good old favourite, the Silver Bullet. Although, one feels compelled to add, not quite as intense as the Pulse-Right (I know it personally under the name Space Explorer vibe.)

Vikki’s confession #2: although obviously the idea turns me on like crazy, I’ve never found the right combination of cash in my pocket and naughty lover in my life to actually try the remote panty. But oh, how I would love to try it – particularly now, with this new information! πŸ™‚

I am also dying to know how this works, and believe me when I say the idea sparks dozens of new and exciting possibilities in my brain. There may be a story here. Stay tuned.

I find myself also intrigued by the idea of clit pumps. Is it possible that even the silver bullet theory could play second fiddle? I may just have to try this out soon.

When in doubt, buzz on. πŸ™‚

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