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Today, I ran across the craziest bit of bling (and normally I, like most girls, am healthily attracted to bling) that I’ve ever seen in my life.

That is to say, I found a $1500 vibrator.

Yeah, you read that right.

Called the YVA Gold, the thing is a cordless, rechargeable vibrator made from sterling silver and handmade in 18K gold plate. Also comes with a moleskin carry pouch, natch, because that’s just hip.

Don’t get me wrong. I love expensive trinkets. I love hip things. But for $1500, this thing better climb out of the drawer on its own, waken me slowly, take its time arousing me and undressing me, suck my nipples, tease my clit until I come, slam me into the wall with a good deep dicking, clean me up with a warm wet cloth and light my cigarette for me.

Not that I smoke any more. But you get the idea.

$1500? Pleasure couture? Really?

I wonder if pussy juice is corrosive, or would help protect the sterling from tarnish. Anyone?

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  • WoW. Make You Blush dot Com? If I spent $1500 on a vibrator, I would be blushing. That’s quite a few house payments in the world I live in. Maybe I should move?
    Hey – that’s it instead of buying the vibe, I can make her house payments up to $1500! No, that won’t work, either – it’s still $1500.
    $1500. *shakes head* Well, as a female friend of mine once said “you get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get.” But I can’t see taking out a loan for it. What is a Sybian running these days, anyway?

  • I’ve actually been looking for a new vibe and doing a lot of research the past few days and this brand seems like one of the best on the market. I’ve seen this exact one for $2oo less on Lelo’s own website (the maker of the vibrator). But they also have less expensive versions that are more like $120-200ish (which is still pricey, but not too ridiculous). The Lily version is on my Christmas list. :o)

  • Yes, nothing much more corrosive then bodily fluids. Gold doesn’t tarnish, but silver does. The good thing is, pussy juice doesn’t taste salty, at least to me anyway, so that’s good news, its LESS corrosive that way. If you can afford that bling then let the servants polish it for you. Then again, if you can afford servants, who needs mechanical help?

  • Not only should it cook, It should run the vacuum cleaner, take calls from your mother, walk the dog, dig the meat out of cooked crab claws, and get a high paying job to pay for itself.
    Fifteen hundred clams to make one bearded clam smile? I’ve paid less for serviceable cars. 😉
    Your review was a better tickle. On that, I got off, and it was free! You’re a goodie.

  • I think that is quite an exorbitant price for a sex toy…maybe if it was like the sex machine in that Woody Allen movie, but even then!

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