ArchiveJuly 2001

NOW I’ve seen it all


So you’re sitting at home. Feeling a little pent-up. You browse through your collection of vibrators, dildos, plugs, ben-wa balls, creams and unguents and lubes (oh my!) and you just can’t decide. Truth is, you’re bored. You’ve tried them all, played with them all, wakened your neighbours screaming with them all. And it’s just getting routine. Predictable. You know...

on marriage and motherhood


Wow. Serious topics today. Far too serious for a sunny Sunday morning, but that’s the way it goes sometimes, hm? First, on being a wife. I’ve been doing some thinking about this lately, since two of my girlfriends are getting married in the next year or so (and not to each other, in case you wondered). They are better prepared for the event than I was, or at least they seem to be...

cozies, Surgeon Generals, and abstinence


Lots and lots to talk about today (making up for the past, silent week). First, a bit of frippery that I found hilarious: vibrator cozies. Don’t hide ’em in the drawer, girls! Heading into more serious topics, the US Surgeon General just released his report on sexual health and behavior. It contains good things; encouraging schools to promote not just abstinence (as so many schools in...

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