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watching the erotic google dance


I always love learning how people found this site. I’ve been found in some truly interesting and deeply perverted ways, which makes Vikki a very happy and juicy girl. 🙂 A lot of the time it seems like people are looking for information or advice, and it makes me a little sad to know how little of it they may find here. Still, I hope these searchers found what they were looking for…...

it’s not just about the naughty bits


An interesting discussion is going on at the Erotica Readers site. It’s about the tendency of some men (and some women, for that matter) to focus only on the naughty bits (nipples, clit, cock) during foreplay. Some useful learnin’ here, especially for those who are curious about how people feel about foreplay and how to make it better. But the one thing I noticed the most was that...

answering your email


Louis wrote: I tried the “feather-light” touches last night. Wow! I really didn’t expect her to react like that. Thanks! You see? Knew I wasn’t the only woman in the world who turns into a moaning, writhing mass when a man justbarelytouches, skimming just his fingertips along my clit over and over. Honestly, guys, give it a try. She’ll be begging you for more, and...

my teenage fantasies


I promised I’d tell you about some of my fantasies—the ones I’ve used to get me off, past and present. Tonight I’ll delve into the past. When I was a teenager, one of the sexiest things I could ever imagine happening to me was being grabbed by a gang of boys and thrown into the back of a van. They’d tie me up, spreadeagled, standing against the back wall of the van...

what gets you off?


Everybody uses something to get themselves off, at least some of the time. Some people play back memories of sex they’ve had, others fantasize about sex they’d like to be having. Still others look at magazines, watch porn, spy on their neighbours having sex, read a sexy story or book, you get the idea. My first external source (i.e. not fantasies) was when I discovered my...

the sexless marriage, redux


It is constantly amazing and deeply saddening to me to know that one of the most popular pages on this site (via search engines) is my post from last year called the sexless marriage. Sad enough that I opened up comments on the post, figuring maybe someone would want to talk about it. And sure enough, today, a lovely lady named Tammy made this comment: I am attractive and an proportional size...

faking it


The Dirty Whore has been talking about faking it. It’s such a relief to see another sexually aware, indescribably juicy, fully in love with the unh woman admit that yep, she fakes it. Not all the time of course. But my body is greedy about its orgasms. It doesn’t give them away easily. There are times when I can’t make myself come, dammit, and I’m the biggest expert there...



When I started blogging in 2000, there just weren’t a lot of sex blogs out there. Oh, sure, Daze, and a few others, but they were mostly news-oriented blogs as opposed to something more personal. Well, three years later, blogging has exploded (I rarely have to explain what a blog is anymore) and there are some deliciously tasty morsels out there for the blog enthusiast who just loves...

snagged from the web


Two things that caught my interest tonight… Couple ordered to stop squealing and groaning during sex: An Italian couple have been ordered to make love more quietly after the woman’s screams of ecstasy provoked complaints from neighbours. The couple, both in their 20s, were taken to court after a family living next door grew fed up at being woken up by high pitched squeals and groaning...

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