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Louis wrote:

I tried the “feather-light” touches last night. Wow! I really didn’t expect her to react like that. Thanks!

You see? Knew I wasn’t the only woman in the world who turns into a moaning, writhing mass when a man justbarelytouches, skimming just his fingertips along my clit over and over. Honestly, guys, give it a try. She’ll be begging you for more, and when she finally does come, her belly will ache pleasantly from the strain. You’re very welcome, Louis. And I’ll save you that seat in the theatre, in another life. 🙂

Dan asked:

I was however left wondering what the purpose in your mind was for the site. Is it just to have a voice? I felt like I had been given access to parts of your life without knowing why!- are you infact fictional?

I was prompted to ask you a more personal question too – I have been toying with the idea of getting my wife a vibrator as a gift. However, is it better with a vibrator? is it worth a try? I’m concerned it might be less affectionate and was really just wanting a female perspective on it.

My purpose for the site is basically to explore my ideas, thoughts, reactions, and fantasies about sex and sensuality. It’s an outlet, a place for me to confess or learn something new about myself. Sometimes it’s easier to suss these things out in writing. I also find it a release, a way to remind myself to be sensual every single day, and to love that side of me. No, I’m not fictional. I’m a real girl, with real feelings and real body parts and a really horny love of the lubricious side of life.

As to your question about the vibe, I say give it a try! Is it better? No, just different, though for women who have trouble reaching orgasm it can be a godsend. Be sure to try and buy a toy that suits your partner. Is she the type of woman who enjoys something inside her while getting off – a cock, fingers, carrots, something? Or is she more likely to focus on her clit? This can help you decide what kind of toy to buy. If she’s an inside girl, I’d suggest a vibrating dildo. But if she’s a clit girl through and through (like me) she may find dildos don’t have enough vibration to them, and in the wrong places. A bullet vibe can be much more enjoyable. Bullets have the additional advantage in that they’re very easy to integrate into sex with a partner – it’s small enough to trap between your pelvis and her clit while having sex, and is small and easy to handle for many other manual stimulation scenarios.

I can’t think of anything more affectionate than a partner wanting to ensure my pleasure to such a degree that he goes out and buys me a toy for us both to play with. But that’s just me.

David: Thanks for the lyrics. They were lovely.

Danny: Your story was fun. Keep writing stories. It gets easier as you go along.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the discussions popping up around my latest posts, and keep the emails coming in… I’ll try to answer some on here every so often!

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  • Bacchus, this was depressing to me as well. Reminds me of a girlfriend of mine who told me she’d had a terribly upsetting time when she discovered her husband looked at porn. She thought it was disgusting and was very hurt that he felt he “needed” that sort of thing.
    I try not to judge, I realize not everyone has the same sexual preferences or even moral standards as mine. But at the same time, I wonder what the world would be like if we didn’t put all these cultural judgements and constraints on activities that really, we’re biologically built to enjoy.
    Also makes me wonder exactly why it is that so very many partners seem to be mismatched sexually. Do we do it to ourselves on purpose? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  • Indeed it does. Although I think a more likely explanation is that we don’t really talk about sex, not even with our lovers, not in honest philosophical detail. (cf discussion of men with no fantasies) Which makes mismatches easier to make and harder to avoid.
    The porn thing is tricky. I don’t have much sympathy with the women who are offended by their men’s use of porn, because in my own experience, porn is of very limited interest when there’s a willing woman available. Any woman can outcompete porn with both hands tied behind her back (in fact that helps…) and if she’d rather complain about the porn, it says a lot.

  • “I can’t think of anything more affectionate than a partner wanting to ensure my pleasure to such a degree that he goes out and buys me a toy for us both to play with. But that’s just me.”
    Well, hopefully not just you. But not every woman, alas.
    I actually had trouble sleeping last night because of this story, of a woman who doesn’t see things your way. I don’t know why it affected me so strongly, but it put me in a terribly bleak mood.

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