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female sexual response


A friend of mine told me recently about a woman she knew who could orgasm after only a minute or two of sex play, no direct stimulation needed, and she was able to come dozens of times in a night. I don’t know who this woman is but I hate her. 🙂 Truth is, most women take a while longer, generally require direct stimulation of some kind, and take a winding road from excitement to orgasm that...

at first glance lust


Oh, I do love falling in lust. You talk to him, hear his voice, imagine the things you could do to each other and everything below the waist just clenches. Fantasies are born. Your heart pounds when they're around. Sometimes you think you could come from just a single touch, a single lick, a single word.

the sexless marriage


Desperately Trying writes: “As soon as I moved in with him, our sex life began to dwindle. First once a week, and now maybe once every four to six months. I wanted to keep open communication about it so that we wouldn’t end up where we are today, which is a very sexless relationship. It is not even about the sex, but the intimacy at this point. He is stressed out, never happy, never...

how to live a life


I want to live long enough to be a sassy old broad with memories full of smiles. I want to live long enough to be a sassy old broad sitting on my husband’s knee and laughing about the good old days. Crazy as it seems, there are days when these two dreams feel mutually exclusive. You remember the days of cartoons? On one shoulder, an angel, pious and good. Encouraging you to hold out for...

mainstream BDSM


You know that BDSM is gaining mainstream acceptability when you begin to see charming bits of it crop up in your favourite TV shows. Last week’s Buffy epsiode was a shocker for me. For those who watch the show, follow along. For those who don’t, you may be a bit confused, but try to stick with me here. I haven’t really liked Spike. Legions of my girlfriends find him sexy and...

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