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A friend of mine told me recently about a woman she knew who could orgasm after only a minute or two of sex play, no direct stimulation needed, and she was able to come dozens of times in a night.
I don’t know who this woman is but I hate her. 🙂
Truth is, most women take a while longer, generally require direct stimulation of some kind, and take a winding road from excitement to orgasm that has many twists, turns, and even a ditch or two now and then. However, it’s worth the trip. When we do get there, it’s like pulling our knees up through our body to our throat and back again. Every nerve is sensitive, afterwards. For me, even the tips of my fingers feel numb.
I ran across and excellent article about Female Sexual Response. it contains things every woman should know about her own body. It contains things that every man who makes love to a woman should know about her body. It’s just full of stuff that people should know. It also contains links to the other half of the coin which is equally as important – the male sexual response cycle. Go on, read it.What have you got to lose?

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