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books: velvet glove by emma holly


I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Emma's erotica, but even I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Velvet Glove. Some of the scenes were mind-blowingly erotic, a full eleven on a scale of one to ten, and every scene was tightly written, adding to the story and then moving on.

a matter of faith


Okay, so dirty little secret-sharing time here. First, a big disclaimer: I think what has been going on in the Catholic church is horrifying. I also am not a big fan of organized religion, particularly Catholicism, so this diary entry has nothing to do with advocating Catholicism, illegal sexual behaviour by priests, etc. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, then… I have a...

advanced blowjobs


I’ve spent the last several days exploring the truly lovely site satin slippers. Very nice stories, pre-edited (which in my opinion is what makes the grade rather than free-for-all story sites). But wait! They’ve got non-fiction too. Not huge amounts, but what they have is top-shelf. Tonight I took a moment and read over their Advanced Blowjob Technique. A sidebar. Most of you who...

outrageous flirting


I am a smartass around men (some people just call this flirting, but it’s more than that, really). Most men, actually. Doesn’t even matter if I’m attracted to them or if I just work with them or if we’re just friends, it’s how I relate to them, how I get along with them, how I gauge what kind of person they are. But, as you might expect, I seem to be even more of a...

a little battery juice goes a long way


Will you do your part? 🙂 Just a reminder that it’s May and that means National Masturbation Month. Depending on where you live, there are fundraisers and other fun ways to participate in the festivities: Good Vibrations in S.F., Come As You Are in Toronto, Toys in Babeland in NYC all have deliciously lubricious events planned in the name of self-love. If your city’s not listed, get in...

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