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Will you do your part? πŸ™‚

Just a reminder that it’s May and that means National Masturbation Month. Depending on where you live, there are fundraisers and other fun ways to participate in the festivities: Good Vibrations in S.F., Come As You Are in Toronto, Toys in Babeland in NYC all have deliciously lubricious events planned in the name of self-love. If your city’s not listed, get in touch with a sex-positive shop in your area.

For my part, I think my celebrations will largely involve a juicy erotic novel, a brand new 9 volt battery for the bullet, and maybe a new toy for myself. GoodVibes now carries the Audi-Oh. The Five Finger Fantasy is also a temptation.

To be honest (particularly given my incredible horniness over the last several months) my ideal Masturbation Month celebration would include watching a sexy man fondle and rub and stroke and jerk himself to a shuddering, spurting conclusion. God, how I love watching men rub themselves. I’ve only seen it live once, but it was amazing. Even listening to men talk about it turns me on.

(Let’s be honest, we all know that by now riding the subway to work turns Vikki on.)

However, since I’m single and will likely be that way for at least a little while longer, these dreams will have to wait.

Happy jerking-off month! Any special plans? Come on, share!

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  • I had no idea! *LOL*
    Well… I’m gonna get myself a new BOB and have lots of fun with him and my husband! πŸ˜‰

  • Just read your may 2003 article, I love to rub myself to finish in front of women…just to let you know

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