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Two things that caught my interest tonight…

Couple ordered to stop squealing and groaning during sex:

An Italian couple have been ordered to make love more quietly after the woman’s screams of ecstasy provoked complaints from neighbours.

The couple, both in their 20s, were taken to court after a family living next door grew fed up at being woken up by high pitched squeals and groaning.

The couple were originally told they must be completely silent during sex but Judge Ermanno Tristano overturned that ruling.

He relented after the husband told him: “Your honour I can’t make love properly unless my wife screams. It’s like having sex with a cushion.”

Painfully funny. Can you imagine being ordered to be completely silent during sex? I say move, people, and be as damn noisy as you like. I say good for them! We need more noisy lubricious sex out there in the world—particularly between married people!

Also, a man has a blue Realdoll. You know, from the Realdoll company? I laughed and laughed, and then realized it wasn’t so strange at all. I mean, if women can have dildos in every color of the rainbow, why not a blue doll for men?

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