When I started blogging in 2000, there just weren’t a lot of sex blogs out there. Oh, sure, Daze, and a few others, but they were mostly news-oriented blogs as opposed to something more personal.

Well, three years later, blogging has exploded (I rarely have to explain what a blog is anymore) and there are some deliciously tasty morsels out there for the blog enthusiast who just loves raunchy, frank writing.

My personal favourites include:
Dirty Whore: I love this lady—she reminds me a lot of myself, actually.
Sweetness Follows: A lusty twentysomething Canadian couple (it’s so great to see more of us out there!) who dabble in BDSM.
Blogasm: A group blog all about sex, baby.
ErosBlog: More newsy, similar to Daze, but with a quirky little personal side that is absolutely charming. Big licks to the author, Bacchus.
Muffindoodle: The raunchy adventures of Slutmuffin and Muffinman. Don’t ask.

Take some time, check through these lovely blogs. Tell ’em Vikki sent you.

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