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I always love learning how people found this site. I’ve been found in some truly interesting and deeply perverted ways, which makes Vikki a very happy and juicy girl. 🙂 A lot of the time it seems like people are looking for information or advice, and it makes me a little sad to know how little of it they may find here. Still, I hope these searchers found what they were looking for…

where what clitoris: Gosh, that’s not the article I’d want you to see if you were trying to find out what the clitoris is and, more importantly, where it is. if you came here looking for information about the clitoris, try

denial tease: Believe me, I know what you’re looking for. Best web site out there is, also the old standby NTC forums aren’t bad, and for more web links including a good list of Yahoo groups on the subject, visit Orgasmdenial’s web links area.

brazilian wax photo: 1. I have no idea why I show up for this, other than the fact that I once considered getting a Brazilian. 2. Someone actually looked through 200+ results and still thought I was relevant?

how to give a good handjob: I’m somehow the 4th highest link for this search. Quite amusing, really. But I’ll give you my three favourite tips anyway, since you’re finding me this way… 1) Eros lube. 2) Straddling his chest facing his feet while doing it. 3) Learn even more tips and techniques from Jill (one of the few pay sites I actually think is worth the price of admission).

There’s more, but I’m a tired and horny girl, so it’s off to bed for a nice slow orgasm for me. 🙂

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  • > 2) Straddling his chest facing his feet while doing it.
    Hmm, I’ve never tried it that way! My husband is enamored of my ass, so maybe he’d like it….
    Lately, my favorite (and most comfortable) position has been to have him lay down & spread his legs while I sit between them with my legs over his (with my feet on either side of his chest). This gives me an *excellent* view of his face during the whole process, plus I can lean down and kiss his lovely cock if/when the urge strikes. It also leaves both hands free to tend to business (rather than using one to prop myself up with or something). It *also* puts me in a good position to pounce on him if we decide we’ve had enough of the hands & want to go on to penetration.
    Options; I’m all about options…. 😉
    ps. Vikki, I really love your site. I check it every day now. Thanks to ErosBlog for linking here!

  • Sunshine, thanks! I like the position you mentioned as well – it’s super for prolonged teasing – and as you said, it’s all about having two hands free.
    For me, the best part of turning my back on him is he has no idea when or how I’m going to touch, because he can no longer see… 🙂

  • Actually a bit more innocent set of facts than I thought I’d find pertaining to how people find this. Or maybe not. I think I was just expecting the wrong thing. I, of course, was looking for porn, as well as female masturbation techniques (out of curiosity moreso than anything else). And I assure you, the information here was far from disappointing! I stop by here every so often to see what else I could learn. A woman’s mind, I find is a terrible thing to waste and a worst thing to not explore when it comes to sex, and your mind provides plenty of stops for the journey.

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