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a little skin for Christmas


You know, I swore this year I wouldn’t bugger around with trying to find holiday items to link to; I did enough of that last year. But I just ran across this blog tonight, featuring links and sexy Christmas photos, and had to share: Also, Eden has added a Holiday category to both her R-rated and explicit photo galleries, including two in the R-rated of Carmen Electra that were just...

bdsm in the movies


There are so few good movies out there that explore power exchange. BDSM porn is useless to me, in most cases, since it’s incredibly contrived and the actors so rarely enjoy their roles or the activities they’re performing. What’s more, the eroticism just isn’t there in most cases. And for me, BDSM is about eroticism. Power exchange isn’t matter of fact: it’s...

blogging with an audience


This sure is a strange and digital world we all live in. I had a number of lovers before my first husband, but that was back in the BC days (before computers – at least, for me), so for the most part I’ve never seen nor heard from them ever again. Not so with the new digital age. By the time I left my husband, I had started on the fledgling site that would become Herdesires. I...

sugar walls


No, silly, not what you think. However, I have recently been found fantasizing about walls. Er. Let me explain. Walls are just hot. Push me up against them and I switch into subbie, wet, horny mode almost immediately. Shove your cock against me, and it’s even better. It’s dramatic without the over-violence, it’s cliched but still damned hot, and it also gives support for rubbery...



Whether you’re just nudging around the edges of kinky play or delving deeply into a BDSM-centered relationship, limits are something you have to think about, and discuss. What your personal limits are. What their personal limits are. And so on. But there’s another limit that I hadn’t really touched on until recently in my own play. And that’s the limit of misbehaving...

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