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This sure is a strange and digital world we all live in.

I had a number of lovers before my first husband, but that was back in the BC days (before computers – at least, for me), so for the most part I’ve never seen nor heard from them ever again.

Not so with the new digital age. By the time I left my husband, I had started on the fledgling site that would become Herdesires. I didn’t think much of sharing the URL with friends and particularly new lovers, which meant that over time there were a number of men from my past or present who knew of the web site.

I occasionally find myself wondering, particularly when telling stories from my past, if there are any exes who still read this darn thing. Not sure I really want to know – it might inhibit my storytelling. Plus, not all of the endings were pleasant, you know?

But most of all, I wonder when comments are posted anonymously to my stories. There have been dozens of them over the years that have set me to wondering – was that him? Or him? Or him? I’ll never know, but this is the kind of idle speculation I allow myself to indulge in rather than, say, watching reality television. [shudder]

For the most part, though, I write what I like and the audience be hanged. Some topics may give me a moment’s pause, but in the end, they’re my stories to tell, my thoughts to share, my explorations to cover. I don’t use names (other than the occasional nicknames – The Muse, HWTMF, The Boy) so I figure it’s all pretty harmless.

It is a little surreal, though. Kind of like public exhibitionism with a big white light in your face so you can’t really tell who’s in the audience – anyone you know might be out there. Or it might just be an empty room.

Cool little digital world we’ve built for ourselves, isn’t it?

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  • most of my stories are based on fact…and was usually about the same lover. i’ve told a few friends about the site and “he” has read the stories too. he thought the stories were neat…i think he was intrigued by the idea that other people were reading about our sexual activities…a little naracissim?
    as you said, no real names are used…protects the innocents, lol. i don’t write to purge memories or to brag, i think i do it mostly to remember the really special moments or some new experience. i’m not sure, but i do like to write.
    keep it up, i’m enjoying the readings.

  • I just found this blog. Kudos. I am doing something similar with my lover. It is a jint oeffort to chronicle our getting together:
    I had some people from another part of my life accidentally stumble upon it when I mistakenly posted under the name I used for my genersal audience blog…she followed me the site and flipped out cuz it was offensive to her. She felt we should keep our desires prior.
    I think we can count on Murpheys law to bring the eyes of those we have issues reading ourt words to read them.
    I like your writing!

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