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You know, I’ve been keeping a sex blog for – what – 4 years now? And it never ceases to amaze me the number of come-ons I get in my inbox every week. That’s not bragging, folks, just for the record; it truly is flabbergasted disbelief. I’ve been approached (via email) by couples, single men, married men, transvestites, subbie boys, dominant men, even a couple of...

damn, that’s sexy


Was running through my blogroll today, catching up on what everyone has to say. And spanking, it would seem, is the theme du jour. Or is it just that I read a lot of sites about this? At Spanking Blog, Bethie talks about her birthday spanking (leaving me unbearably jealous – do you all realize I’ve never had an actual *birthday* spanking?) and the discovery of the wonderful sensuality...

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